Friday, July 19, 2013

A week of walks ...

Wendy and Trey and I have had a marvellous week of walks ...

A couple of our walks were at Hartlen Point.

Sometimes Trey gets tangled in his rope.  He doesn't seem to care.

We meandered along the scenic, grassy trail that follows the cliff-edge, at Hartlen Point,

occasionally stopping to enjoy the view.

Mostly, I threw the ball, and my chums brought it back to me...

again, and again, and again.


Today was my favourite walk, as we went to the Bay of Fundy.  I love Fundy !

I love the sucky, sloppy sound of the dogs running through the mud.   

As always, Wendy waits in the distance for me to throw the ball to her.

Trey prefers to race flat out after the ball.

And when he finds that ball, he runs it back to me -- no matter how dirty it may be.

Exhibit "A".


  1. Oh my goodness that muddy tongue! LOL!
    I imagine you must be enjoying much nicer temps this past week up there in Canada than we've had down here. I like warm/hot weather but it has been too much even for me with the nasty humidity.

    1. I guess we've had it better in Nova Scotia than in many spots in North America. The heat is coming back in today with a predicted high of over 30C (high 80's F). It's always a bit cooler near the coast (they say), but there are times recently when I'd argue that. I can't believe that in mid-June my friend Pat and I were in ski jackets and a month later, it's blister hot.

      Try to stay cool my friend.

  2. Sometimes we ALL get tangled in our ropes, not just Trey... Love that you're showing bigger pictures, YAY! I have visual challenges and need to see big pictures in order to really look at them and not happily gloss by them toward the words. :)

    1. Yep, you hit the nail on the head with the rope metaphor.

      Can't you usually just click the images and get them all full screen ? Didn't know you had "visual challenges" ... That sucks ...


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