Friday, September 6, 2013

Darrell's magical garden.

My brother Darrell lives in Ottawa.  Like me, he really enjoys gardening; however, his teeny, tiny city lot is even smaller than mine.

While I garden on every little bit of dirt available to me, Darrell creates new garden areas where none existed before.

It wasn't enough that Darrell built a lush, covered area on the back deck,
enveloped in planters with hanging and climbing plants.

He created one more planting area.

There it is just outside Darrell and Janet's bedroom window.  
Looks sorta like a meadow doesn't it ?

Guess what ?  

That window is on the second floor of their house. 

Now THAT is intensive gardening !

Darrell is my Obi Wan of gardening.
And yes,
I stood out on the roof to take this photo of him.
And yes,
he warned me not to take another step backward.


  1. Yes, I can see you are a family of avid gardeners Sybil! Darrell is so creative and his garden looks amazing, like visiting a lush forest area full of beautiful greenery and flowers. :)

    1. Thanks. I wish I had his "before" shots to show you the incredible changes he made ...

  2. I admire people who can garden like this, Sybil. Darrell's got a gift. A true Green Thumb.

  3. Magical is the word, magnificent too. I imagine the number of hours your brother is spending in his garden, the joy it brings him and his wife. I love this kind of vegetation around a house.

    1. Like me, Darrell finds the joy in the creation. When it's done, he looks around to find out what he can do next. No resting on laurels for us ...

  4. That is SO COOL! I also live in a teeny tiny house with a small lot. I would love to have such a lush garden worked into it. But alas, I've got 1. A black thumb
    2. Live in a desert
    3. I'm gone a lot, so watering is a problem.

    I'll just look at feasts like this and get my fix that way!

    1. Gardening gives Darrell and I joy. If you don't enjoy it, why do it ?

      That said, how about a Japanese garden ? Raked pebbles with a few well-placed rocks and desert plants ...


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