Monday, September 2, 2013

The bridge ...

Recently while visiting my brother Darrell in Ottawa, we went for a walk along an abandoned train track to a graffiti-covered bridge.

The Prince of Wales Bridge

Question the Answer
"Mr. P.con resists reduction to reproduction."
What the hell does that mean ?
Beware of radio active wood ?
What do you think this means ?
A commentary on how we care for the elderly ?
WHAT is this word ? 
"You don't love someone for their hair, their clothes,
or their fancy car.  But because they sing a song,
 only you can hear.  You are my song Cynthia"

Even the crumbling supports were adorned with colourful  stenciled flowers.
Not sure how to answer this one.
The Houses of Parliament framed by some novel artwork.

He's a super brother and I always treasure our walks together.


  1. Replies
    1. I had trouble choosing which photo to use. The artwork was quite amazing !

  2. "Question the answer" - I like that one!

    1. I liked that one too. A lot of it was thoughtful and well-done ...

  3. "Mr.P.cob resists reduction to reproduction"
    "what the hell" it means:
    P.Cob was a disturbed individual who covered the walls of Toronto with some of the strangest graffitiësque reportage around during the 198os & early'9os (so strange as to have him actively ignored by the historians of such activities). of the many topics troping throughout his work, 3 of them are: 1) his reduction to the state of victim by various official groups; 2) an obsession with sperm & its repositories; 3) requests to help "copy & simulate" his statements/story.
    an Ottawa publisher is planning to release a portfolio of stencilprints of a selection from his work, the "proof" prints made in many public locations, of which the Prince Of Wales bridge hosts some 3o-odd of them.
    this is the publisher's afterword to the selection – written in the style of Cob's works – referring both to Cob himself & the difficulty of accurately depicting the visceral impact of his work in ordinary print/type formats.
    search P.Cob on Flickr & you'll find examples of the proofs of the 23 texts that will be in the portfolio, as well as a whack of the actual Toronto sites.


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