Saturday, July 12, 2014

I should have known better.

Yesterday Trey and I paddled back over to Lawlor's Island.

Once there I dragged the kayak up the shore and threw the ball for Trey to help him get rid of his bad case of the "sillies", as he'd whined and wiggled the whole way across.  I had had to keep telling him to: "LIE DOWN !!!".

Then we headed into the island's interior to seek out the ruins again.

On Canada Day when I found located the fallen water tower for the first time, I was soooo disappointed when the batteries in my camera crapped out and I couldn't share photos of my find.

This time I found some ruins that I'd not seen before.  This is the "Winter Hospital".

All told, Trey and I slogged our way over and around that island for over four hours.

We walked the interior of the island from the Cemetery (left end) to the Winter Hospital near the "Sand Flat".  

We then walked back along the shore to the site of the original "Deep Water Wharf".

Site of the original Deep Water Wharf and the Disinfection Units.

Disinfection unit.

Massive door hinge on the Unit.
I lingered to admire a Cormorant drying its wings on the remnants of the wharf.

We just had to walk around the point and we should see the kayak.

And we did.

See it there ?

Floating gently in the harbour !   WHAT ?   FLOATING GENTLY IN THE FRIKKIN' HARBOUR !?!

And there is Trey's life jacket bobbing near the shore and floating nearby -- my paddle !

My life jack, with my car keys in the pocket is in the kayak.

I know, I know -- I'm an idiot !  

I wadded out and grabbed the kayak.  Unfortunately I had to put the sodden, cold life jacket on poor ol' Trey.

He was NOT amused !

You can bet I'll be dragging my kayak above the high water mark in future.


  1. I am SO GLAD that the kayak didn't completely float away! And then you would have been stranded for the night and trying to start a fire rubbing two sticks together in the Winter Hospital. (Other than that challenging part, I enjoyed looking at your finds and imagining tramping around the island.)

    1. No worries. I could HOLLER for help as the Passage is THAT close.

  2. Oh my goodness - good thing you came back when you did! Four hours of exploring, wow!

    1. I must confess that I was a tad tired at the end of it all. I get frustrated as I have trouble lifting my legs over some of the higher deadfall (fallen trees). I actually have to grab my leg and lift it over obstacles -- and there were LOTS of obstacles ! ;-)

  3. Good grief! Trey does not look pleased at all. What a sin!

    Didn't know the cormorants did that to dry their wings. Thought they were airing out their arm pits. Or should that be 'wing pits?'

    1. Trey was pretty ticked off AND tired and c-cold. And I wasn't entirely thrilled myself.

      "Wing pits" ... like that.

  4. What an adventure! It sounds like you had an exciting time over there on the deserted island. Why is it called a winter hospital? What intriguing ruins... so photogenic. I'm very relieved that your kayak didn't float away entirely... and hope that Trey has forgiven you for the c-c-c-cold trip home.

    1. I think it was called the Winter Hospital as it was the best insulated of the buildings. Isn't that an awful thought !

      If there is a ball involved, Trey will forgive anything.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I envy you your beautiful picture of the cormorant drying its wings - I've been trying to get a decent one all summer! So glad your kayak didn't drift out to sea - phew - that was a close one. But it sounds like you had a great time exploring the island and I'm glad Trey made it home safe and sound, if a bit on the cold side. :)

    1. Very lucky shot withe the Cormorant but they are pretty common here. The good news is it would never get dragged out to sea as as the tide goes out the kayak would just rest on the shore ...

  6. This looks like a interesting place to paddle. I am always up for some good ruins. Most of my paddles lately have been enjoyable, but the surrounding landscape was a monotonous swamp and could not be explored. I am glad you did not lose your kayak, or your keys.

    1. I am sure that I would find your swamps fascinating places to paddle ... are there poisonous water snakes ?


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