Monday, September 1, 2014

MacDonald Hill ...

One of my favourite places to visit is MacDonald Hill which provides views of the two Lawrencetown beaches.

From one end of the hill you see this marvellous shallow cove.

There, at low tide, sand bars are exposed and you can walk out and stand in ankle deep water and  marvel at the kite surfers zipping by.

This surfer was zipping between the waders and the shore.

Occasionally, he would veer toward the rocks and suddenly soar high into the air !

On another recent visit, Wendy and I walked up MacDonald Hill to watch more adventurers enjoying the surf created by far off hurricane Cristobal.

Well that's a first:  I've never seen a surfing kayaker before !

In fact there were two of them.   

The kayakers would  turn their kayaks in a circle as they rode the waves, and more than once I saw them flip over totally and then pop back up. Clearly, they were having a lot of fun.

Wendy was more interested in the whereabouts of her ball, than watching the surfers.

This fella looks like he's standing in shallow water: in fact he's surfing on the top of a wave.

Cristobal created some pretty good waves.  

By the way,  that mist that peels back off the top of the wave is called "spin drift".

This beach is 20 minutes from my home.

I really should go there more often.



  1. I know what you mean about going to the beach more often, I have many of them only about 20 minutes from home too, and like you, have a fabulous time whenever I visit. Yet why do we not go very often? And look at the fun you had, watching the kite surfers and kayakers. Great photos, Sybil. ~~ Joanne. :)

    1. I've never had a bad time at the beach Joanne. Not even that time in February when friend Sandy, and I had our boots fill with "7th wave" ice water, not once, not twice but THREE times ! lol

  2. Should I admit that I have only seen Lawrencetown beach twice. It is absolutely beautiful in your photos.

    1. If I lived in the Valley I wouldn't get here all that often. You have so many other options on Fundy. I looooove Fundy. Do you have a favourite beach on Fundy ? I have just discovered Blue Beach.

  3. Oh what fun they all seem to be having, and in such a beautiful setting! My son-in-law took up kite surfing recently - I must see about getting a picture of him doing it. You're lucky to live near so many beaches with such lovely sweeping vistas. We don't get much spin-drift here in the relatively tame waters of Fishers Island Sound, unless a storm stirs the waves up...

    1. That spin drift is largely courtesy of Cristobal. You'd be amazed how many locals haven't even been to this wonderful spot that is so close to the city.

  4. How very cool. I want to see this. OK, I guess I have, via the net. Thanks for sharing, Ms. Sybil!

    1. Never fear. It's at the top of the list of places I'll take you when you visit. ;-)


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