Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Great Mahone Bay Scarecrow Festival.

Last Tuesday I drove down the South Shore to Mahone Bay to check out their annual Scarecrow Festival.

It's just over an hour's drive from the Passage, down Hwy 103.   Along the way I passed the exit to the famous Peggy's Cove and kept on driving.

And wasn't disappointed once I got there.

"Marilyn Munroe" on the roof, with the wind blowing up her dress.
Wendy and I had a lunch on their outside patio.
Did I mention that Wendy had come with me ?

That middle stuffed dog looked a lot like Wendy.
I ended up with almost 40 photos of different scarecrows and had a real problem trying to figure out which ones to show you.

Being Canada, of course there had to be curlers ...

 This welcoming damsel at Zack and Nemo's Fudge Shop, was trying to lure us inside with the offer of free samples.

 I loved the wacky face on this chap, reminded me of the British comedian, Terry Thomas.  Anyone remember Terry Thomas ?

I could almost imagine these lovely ladies calling: "Hey sailor!".

"Lance Arm Straw" found himself suspended from the wall of a bike shop.

I don't think I need to explain who these folks are -- do I ?

I was surprised to see Ike and Tina Turner back together again.

Dining in style on the verandah of a local B&B.

A more traditional looking scarecrow couple.

Wendy and I had a lovely wander around town.  The actual festival had been the weekend before and sadly it had rained heavily on the scarecrows.  Someone had done an excellent job of fixing them back up again once the skies cleared.

We stopped for one final photo before heading out of town.


  1. You have a SCARECROW festival?! Wow... I love that... Such cool ideas. Makes me wonder how to *make* one for our garden.

    1. I know isn't it cool Reggie ? A c'mon you are so creative. You could make one. Just don't use F.K. OK ?

  2. What a cool scarecrow festival! What a great idea for a small town. If I were more, no. Will just continue to enjoy pictures. Love the last pic best, Ms. Sybil!

    1. I suspect you have enough on your plate my friend.

      Any outing that gets me out of the house is a good outing. ;-)

  3. So much fun and creativity in these scarecrows ! They are wonderful. I love the couple on the verandah, the waiter's expression is priceless. The lovely ladies look gorgeous too. I really like the picture of you and Wendy too. A happy day !

    1. Thanks so much. You can see why I had trouble choosing which pictures to show you. They really were much more imaginative and creative that I'd thought they'd be. Do you folk use Scarecrows in your part of the World ?

  4. This post is adorable! As are you and Wendy in that final photo!

    1. Thanks so much Karen. It was a fun outing.


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