Thursday, January 15, 2015

My kind of sale !

As I may have mentioned nine or ten times, I'm a huge Haven (TV show) fan.  This show which airs on the Syfy Channel in the U.S. and on ShowCase in Canada, is filmed entirely in Nova Scotia.

Being a moderately obsessed fan, you can imagine my delight when I attended last Tuesday's sale of excess props and costumes from the show.

How many times have you walked into a sale to be immediately confronted by a box labelled, "chunks of bodies"?

And if you did, would you turn tail and walk back out?  or would you bend over an start rummaging about for the largest chunks ?  

Perhaps I should explain that many of the citizens of Haven are afflicted or "troubled" with some sort of supernatural power or other.  Most of them are not malicious about their powers, they just don't know they have them, or how to control them.  Imagine you get cut off in traffic, think a bad thought about that rude driver, and suddenly a huge boulder lands on his car !   Would you realize that your angry thought had made that happen ?   Or perhaps you are lying in bed reading a creepy story, and unbeknownst to you, the monsters in the story have come to life and are stalking the street outside your house.

Haven is that sort of place.

Our heroine, Audrey, has a talent for identifying the "troubled" and helping them learn to deal with their affliction.  But if someone just gets really ticked off and blows up, what is left to do except gather up the body chunks and put them in a box  ?

Co-starring with Audrey, are her two handsome side kicks, each of whom loves her.  Nathan the Chief of Police is her true love.  Duke, the "bad boy" with the heart of gold, acts like a shady character, but always does the right thing and achingly hides his love from her.  

The sale was very "loosey goosey" in that prices weren't marked.  You just loaded up a box with stuff and they made up a price at the checkout desk.  And the prices were very reasonable.  In hindsight I should have stuffed my box even more, but since all proceeds went to the Food Bank I can't complain.

The items on this table came from the boat that "Duke"  lives on.  I was told that the framed picture in the middle stood on his night table.  (insert dreamy girlish sigh here)

The shoppers at the sale seemed to be a blend of those who were just there for a bargain and rabid fans like myself who were hunting for treasured souvenirs.  The staff were keen to talk to fans and point out items that would only be of significance to someone who's watched the show.

There was an entire room full of clothes.  I picked up five mint condition jackets for $30,

but I passed on the decorations from the "Christmas in July" episode.

Here's some of my haul consisting of a  "Haven Herald" newspaper, a menu card from the "Grey Gull" restaurant, a full utensil holder from Duke's boat, a Haven parking ticket, wanted posters, business cards, assorted photos of the stars, a fake orchid in a pot, a wall decoration from Audrey's apartment (which now hangs over my bed) and a jacket worn by the female lead -- Audrey and of course the "Founders' Day Festival" sign of which only three were made.

And of course, don't forget the three "Chunks of bodies".


And here, like a bonus "blooper reel" is a bit more about Sybil's past adventures in Haven.

Last summer when Sandy was visiting, we drove down to Chester where much of the filming  is done in hopes of meeting up with cast members.

In August they were using the empty rink of the curling club as a sound stage.  We knew when we saw all these trucks lined up that we'd hit the jackpot.

A very kind Assistant Director took these photos for us.

"Duke", me, "Vince", "Dwight" and Sandy
And then things got really fun.

When Lucas Bryant who plays "Nathan" sauntered up for his photo with us, I cheekily leaned over and asked if I could have a "singleton" shot ?  meaning just me 'n him.  And the following photo is the result. In it he is gently nudging Sandy out of the picture.  It's a marvellous shot of them.  Crappy shot of me. But I'm such a wonderful person that I'm sharing it with you nevertheless.  ;-)

BTW we did  each get "singleton" shots.  Lucas is a super guy.


We were delighted to have met everyone in the cast except "Audrey".

Hopefully we'll rectify that NEXT summer.


  1. Were you ever the lucky one to get a box of good "stuff" and then the pics. Gee whiz. That sure was ya'lls lucky day. I'm not into scifi but I think all that you achieved that is connected to the show sure was a deal.

    1. Thanks. I feel connected in different ways. Partly coz it's filmed here and I recognize the locations and have even visited them and partly coz I do like Science Fiction. I even had a teeny, tiny "background" part in an upcoming episode ! WOOT !

  2. Hi Sybil. I haven't tuned into Haven for a season or two. Would those be stone fragments of Chief Wuornos?

    1. Hi Andrew, if you recall the Chief's body bits were dull and sandy looking. I was told these are from an upcoming episode ... you've got lots of catching up to do !

  3. Hi Sybil. I Haven't heard of the show, but it looks like you had a great time. Lots of fun.

    1. In the U.S. it's on your Syfy network.

      I was fun !

  4. Hey Andrew, it's not him. I asked. lol ... his "chunks" were dry looking and more greyish if you recall.

    If you do decide to get back into the show, you can catch missed episodes on line on ShowCase's web site.

  5. When I saw "My kind of sale!" my first thought was, so Sybil likes estate sales, too. But a props and costumes sale sounds a little different and very interesting. Now I am imagining a props and costumes sale from "Vikings" and I think I would be just as excited as you were!

    So I looked up "Haven" and found that I can watch it from the beginning on Netflix - I will watch a few episodes and see if I get hooked, too.

    1. Barbara, make sure you start from the beginning or it might be a bit confusing. Let me know what you think.

      I haven't seen Vikings. It is carried here but I never got into the groove of watching it.

  6. How very interesting. Yet it seemed like I've seen the "chunks of bodies" pic before and had to go back in look in email. Yes, you sent it to me! You know, I saw a very very strange wild crazy picture of one of my friends on Facebook recently. It was so weird I couldn't even click "like". So frightening. Anyway, wondering if this person landed a part in "Haven". Just wonderin'....

    1. If it is the woman with the bad teeth of whom you speak, well, yes and no.

      She actually landed a background part in Haven back in November !

      The latest gig was for some obscure mini series. Did ya like the teeth ?

    2. I was scared of the teeth. lol!

    3. I'd love to go to the Dentist with my teeth looking like that ...

  7. OMG...........I love Haven.
    I am so jealous of your scores!
    The Haven cool!
    I have only seen up to season 5 epi 13.

  8. Barb, (which Barb are you ? Not my COUSIN Barb in Mexico? )

    Season 5, Episode 13 is all that has been aired. The next 13 episodes ARE filmed but won't be aired until August or September.

    Wonderful that you're a fellow fan. Most folk haven't heard of the show !

    1. Sorry Barb, you are NOT my cousin coz she doesn't watch "Haven" ...are you Barb Gregory ?

    2. No.
      I am Vancouver Island Barb. +12C today
      Ha Ha...good to know about epis 14-26.
      I can now stop searching and just wait!
      Haven had a creep factor like Carnival did.

    3. +12 -- wish I was there with you Barb.
      Nice to meet a fellow fan.

      Haven't seen "Carnival". When was that on ? Is it on a special channel ?

    4. Hi Sybil.

      Carnivàle is a dramatic TV series that ran from 2003–2005 on the HBO speciality cable channel. The series is set in Oklahoma during the mid 1930's depression era and follows a travelling carnival. The episodes have storylines with supernatural plot elements and stars actors like Nick Stahl and Tim DeKay (White Collar).

      For more show details check out the Wikipedia and IMDB pages:

  9. Hello, I actually just bought the large Founders' Day banner that goes across the street... Do you happen to remember the name of the episode it appeared in? I want to find a screen shot.
    I also got the map of Haven sewer system if you remember that episode too lol.
    My email is:
    Thanks ;)


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