Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bluenose outing ...

Back in 2011,  I posted about the refurbishment of our beloved Bluenose, the famous ship depicted on the Canadian 10 cent piece ,  

and on our Nova Scotia licence plate.    Should you feel nostalgic you can see that post here.

Though this is really the third incarnation of this ship, it is called the Bluenose II and not III.  Don't ask.  It's a long story.  The rebuild had a budget of $14.4 million and was to be completed by 2012. Instead the ship was just completed this summer (2015) at a cost of close to $20 million.  Among other boondoggles the design team opted for a heavy steel rudder rather than a wooden one like the original had, and were amazed in the summer of 2014 to find the ship difficult to steer !

But it's in the water now and I was thrilled to head to Lunenburg yesterday for a cruise on this legendary ship with blogger chums, Sara and Susan. (We call ourselves "S Club 3")  

Me, Sara and Susan with Lunenburg in the distance.
We motored out of the harbour, past the lighthouse and into the open sea where we stopped, killed the engine and put up only two of the sails as the wind was pretty strong.

Lunenburg and the "Haven" lighthouse.
Soon we were clipping along, not really feeling the chop of the waves, but quite aware that from time to time the deck was tilting enough to make it necessary to HANG ON if you were going to go on walk about.

Me.  Trying out that wind-blown, "hair straight back look".
Sara, rockin' the wind blown look.
It was a marvellous outing and well worth the $45.  If you're ever gonna be in Lunenburg and the Bluenose isn't laid up for repairs of one kind or another, definitely give it a whirl.

Coming back into harbour.
Just don't take their parking spot !

And here kiddies as an added bonus is a video from the outing ...


  1. Hey, you were so lucky to actual go on a harbour cruise! When we were in Lunenburg this summer, we didn't have tix so we just walked around on the Bluenose and saw what there was to see. Had a great time though! Here's a link to my post on our Bluenose visit:

    1. Enjoyed your post. We bought our tickets a month ahead. We joked about whether we'd really get to go on it as the weather and the steering could each cause cancellations.

  2. It was a great outing....and the nice balmy weather didn't hurt :)

    1. We were lucky. The day couldn't have been nicer. And the company was wonderful !

  3. Thanks for the video. I enjoyed it. I faithfully watched the building of our Bluenose, and I would love the chance to sail on her. So much money spent, but such a beautiful vessel.

  4. What a great opportunity. I don't know if it is the spirits of my ancestors, or something else, but large sailing vessels make me misty-eyed and weak-kneed. Love the video!

  5. Love your Nova Scotia licence plate! I love sailing but haven't gone on a cruise in years - maybe this weekend. Looks like you had perfect weather and a great time with your friends. :)


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