Monday, October 12, 2015

Pumpkin People ...

Even though yesterday was chilly and damp, I hauled my sorry ass out the door and drove the 80 km ('bout a 50 min. drive) to Kentville, to check out the Pumpkin People who welcomed me with open, stuffed, arms.

They were clearly glad to see me.
With close to 200 Pumpkin People to see, Kentville was a busy place.  Luckily Nova Scotia drivers are by and large, pokey, slow, polite folk, which is good coz cars were continually slamming on brakes and pulling over on a whim to check out the displays scattered along 2 km of the main drag.

There were several themed displays, like this Pirate Ship,

and this Castle, 

Why does this bird seem so familiar ?

and this nasty, walking. weapon-thingy from "Star Wars".

Some pretty weird looking unarmed Storm Troopers.

 Here's the Kwik-E-Mart from "The Simpsons".

I got my picture taken in a Lego version of the Batmobile.

The Pumpkin People Festival is a rather clever way to draw tourists to the town.  

Two of these things are not like the others ....
The experience was well  worth the drive, and the outing got me out of the mental fog I was in.

This gives you an idea of the popularity of the event.
Do you have any off beat events in your neck of the woods to draw tourists in ?


  1. Oooh, I would love something like this in our neck of the woods, Sybil. It looks like soo much fun. Glad you had a wonderful outing.

    1. Kentville is doing all it can to draw tourists in. Like many small towns in Nova Scotia it's struggling.

      I think the Pumpkin People idea is brilliant and I am impressed by how many people take part.

  2. Well, we don't have any off-beat events like this but we DO have West Edmonton Mall which is like a three-ring circus in its own right.

    1. Doesn't the West Edmonton Mall have more submarines than the Canadian Navy? lol

  3. I happened upon these PP''s (pumpkin people) while driving to Bear River. I was blown away. I just felt so welcomed (by a squash family vegetable no less). Delightful! Have pictures. Will look them up.

    1. Bet your images are marvellous. They're different each year and of course the weather can change the experience so much. I could have used a bit of sunshine in my shots, but it was not to be ...

  4. The pumpkin people do look very welcoming with their outstretched arms, even if some of them seem to be having a little trouble holding their heads up. :)

    The offbeat thing around here that came to mind is a giant 58-foot long steel and fiberglass termite sitting on top the New England Pest Control building in Providence, Rhode Island. We used to drive by it every time we went to Cape Cod, the most exciting landmark the kids would look for when they were little.

    1. I had to Google your termite and think I found it at Big Blue Bug Pest Control building ... quite impressive.


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