Monday, October 5, 2015

What I did on my Summer vacation part II

While Carol and Don were here we did something I'd never done before: we visited a winery.

We went to Luckett Vineyard which is located near the Bay of Fundy 

The symbol on of the wine label is a red British phone box.  

It's quite delightful that the owners have plunked a working red phone box in the middle of one of the vineyards.  And more delightful still is the fact that you can call anywhere in North America FREE from that phone booth.

The phone box with the well-known cliff of Blomidon in the far distance.

Lots of visitors come to use the phone and have their photo taken in the vineyard.

Me, Carol and Don.  Who did you call Carol ?

Of course I took Carol and Don to the Tangled Garden.  I love the place and at $3 a head it's one of the best deals in Nova Scotia.

Don and Carol.

Unfortunately the day we went on the "Harbour Hopper" the weather sucked.  The "Harbour Hopper" is an amphibious vehicle that takes you on a tour of downtown Halifax and then trundles down a ramp and tours you around the harbour itself.

Didn't notice the smeary water on the lens.

Because it pissed down rain they had to put the plastic covering over much of the vehicle making visibility pretty poor.  

Luckily, our tour guide kept up a very funny, informative patter that kept us all entertained.

Odd place for a golf hole.  I "think" it was there as part of a fund raiser for something or other.

And since they visited in June, the lovely Lupins were out.


  1. That British call box in the winery is too cool! And hey, would that be Luckett as in Pete Luckett of Pete's Frootique? I betcha it is, he must be a gazillionaire by now.

    When we were in Halifax in July, we went on the Harbour Hopper too! Enjoyed it very much, especially the amphibious aspect of it. Those vehicles are noisy as hell though, aren't they.

    1. Yep, good for you Debra, that IS Pete Luckett. I live near the "Pete's" store in Bedford. It's a pity he closed down the one in Wolfville. Bet the university students really miss it.

      I didn't notice the noise of the Harbour Hopper. Does that tell you how hard it was raining ? lol Bet it's a nice tour on a decent day ...

      Hope you had good weather for your visit ...

  2. I enjoyed every minute of our visit. Still haven't cracked those bottles we bought yet, but soon, very soon. Just getting over an ear infection so anitbiotics and wine don't sit so well with me.

    1. Hope your ear infection is gone and you've gotten 'round to cracking open that wine. If not, get to it girl !

  3. What a lovely day at the winery! And how quirky to have a working phone booth in the middle of the vineyard. :) I hope I get to see it some day. Did you make a call? The flower gardens were very pretty, too.

    1. I couldn't remember any numbers to call of anyone long distance ... but Carol did call someone out in Saskatchewan.

      The Tangled Garden is lovely. I visit it once or twice a year.

      When you visit I would be delighted to show you around.

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