Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tags ...

How many photos do you have stored on your computer ?  3,000 ?   4,000 ?  How do you organize them all ?

I give all my photos "tags".  Helpful little descriptors that say something about the image.

One of my more unusual tags is, "What is it?".

Feel free to take a guess at a few of these by leaving your guess in the comments section.

1.  Snow in summer ?  Nope.

2.  Snow on the beach ?  Nope.

3.  I think this one might be easier to figure out.

4.   Kudos to you if you can guess what this is and what it's for.

5.    Oh, the odd things you see at the beach.

6.   Impressions in the snow.

7.   Took this a couple of years back when I had a different car.

8.   Not stone, but  something much more fleeting.

9.   At the beach.


  1. Replies
    1. Can you tell I was bored but didn't know what to Blog about ?

  2. The only ones I can even hazard a guess for are: (1) poplar fluff and (2) sea foam. The rest of them -- no clue!

    1. Well you are 2 for 2. Perfect score !

  3. 2. Sea foam

    3. A river stream or lake with really irony color water and submerged tree branches. Possibly pollen or foam on the surface of the water.

    4. A wood stove chimney

    5. You found a clam living under the sand

    7. Reflections of a shoreline on red car paint

    9. A blue styrofoam float (probably a large rectangular piece maybe 18" or so across) with rust marks on the cracks

    1. 2.Yup
      3.Yup (pond)
      5.Is that Clam poop or just stuff the spit out ?
      7. Exactly.
      9. Nope

      Will let others try to guess before I tell ya.

    2. Wait ...hang on ... #5 is some sort of worm castings and not from a clam ...http://askanaturalist.com/what-made-these-swirls-in-the-sand/

  4. 6. Impressions from either a mouse tail or birds wings in the snow.

    8. Could be road grime built up from driving around on a snowy road during winter.

  5. I "think" #6 is a bird wing.

    #8 was taken from INSIDE my car before I cleared my windshield !

    1. #8 looks like really gritty snow debris to me. Does your neighbour have a snow blower that throws driveway based snow material onto your windshield???

  6. Lessee . . . #1 is popple fluff (i.e. poplar)--#5 is . . . oh dear, I see the Cowboy has been there. Moving right along, #6 is, I agree, the marks of a bird's wing - probably a predatory bird swooping down on, well, not the Cowboy. #8 is lichen I'll bet. OK, now I went back and read all the other answers and responses and as usual I'm mostly wrong. It was fun though. [Why does it want to make me "Anonymous"??? Sigh. It's Gerry, from Torch Lake Views.]

    1. Oh Gerry, my blog is being a pill for folk who are trying to comment. Don't know why or how to fix it.

      Glad I kept ya amused for a minute or two ...

  7. These are too mysterious....esp # 9.....my favorite. It looks like a piece of ancient stone off of a Frieze in Pompeii that washed up on the beach. Am I right? ;)

    1. #9 was what looked like an oil slick in a tidal puddle in Eastern Passage. But it was not caused by oil but rather by rotting plant matter.

  8. 1. cottonwood seeds flying in the air
    2. petrified poop amidst ocean foam on the beach
    3.?twigs submerged in a ?stream?
    4. looking down a well
    5. somebody's lunch left on the beach
    7. Reflection in a window (love it)
    8. wet mud
    9. dry mud

  9. Linda,

    1. Yup. Some sort of fluffy seed
    2. Ocean foam with rocks
    3. Yep. Exactly right.
    4. It's actually a fire escape from a school in Sackatchewan. The kids would slide down it to escape a fire.
    5. It's a kind of worm poop. They extrude it as they tunnel in the sand.
    7. Actually a reflection in the side of my car. Glad you liked it.
    8. Frozen rain on the window of my car. Taken from inside the car.
    9. Not dry but very wet. An oil slick on water. Not caused by pollution but by rotted plant matter.

    Thanks for your guesses ...


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