Thursday, March 3, 2016

A drive, a hike, a walk and a visit.

When Sandy comes we're always looking for new places to explore.  Since I'd never been to Graves Island on the south shore, so  we headed there.  In Summer it's a very busy campground.

On this particular day we had the entire island to ourselves.

Back on the road I just had to pull over for a shot of this abandoned antiques store.

And of course I just had to peer in through the window ...

And it was just a short drive down the road to Chester where our favourite TV show "Haven" used to be filmed.  This huge house was featured in one episode.

This one wasn't.

One day we took the dogs for a walk at Shubie.

On Friday, after choir, I took her to see our new public library.

It's a stunningly imaginative and beautiful building.  It's designed to look like stacked books.

The fifth floor hangs out over the street and affords a lovely view of the city from the Citadel to the harbour.

Looking down Spring Garden Road toward the harbour.

Inside the building is bright and airy.

From outside the windows appear to be covered in leaf patterns. Up close you realize that the "leaves" are formed by letters.

The purpose of the "leaves" is to stop bird strikes against the windows and also to create shade by regulating the internal temperature of the building.

Definitely worth a visit.  

Ask Sandy.

She'll back me up.

If she knows what's good for her.


  1. I love Halifax's new library! When we were there this summer, we watched the Pride Parade while sitting inside on the couches!

    1. Oh Debra that would be a marvellous vantage point. And you could see the harbour to boot ! Hope you had a marvellous visit.

  2. What a fantastic building. Perhaps after churches, I think architects have more fun with libraries than other buildings.

    1. It really is a marvellous building. It looks like a stack of books tilted at different angles and of course the view is lovely.

  3. Hi Sybil! Trying to comment here. Have not been able to lately. Love the new header! Very cool building!

    1. Karma, sorry it's being such a pill. And on top of everything else it's no longer sending me emails when folk comment; hence my delay in responding. Glad you like the new header.

  4. I came to see whether you'd posted anything new and knew I'd read this one . . . can't imagine that I didn't tell you how much I enjoyed the library, although it would be just like me to go off googling for more about the place and forget to leave the comment. Hope this one works.

    1. Thanks for persevering. Comments are being a bit persnickety and I don't know how to fix the problem. I think the library is quite beautiful. Glad you like it too.

  5. You have such fun adventures, Sybil.


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