Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Golden days ...

I'm a mite overwhelmed by all that I've done during this one week whirl wind visit to Ontario to visit family and friends.

How do I order and present all the things I've done from the fancy-schmancy,

My friend Catherine and I were thrilled to see Don Cumming give
the citation in honour of Bonnie Patterson.
(I worked for Bonnie and Don at Trent University)
to the more down-to-Earth?

Kayaking with my brother Darrell in the creek behind his house.

Need I explain what was happening in each photo or will you figure out that I  played with chickens,

 hugged baby goats,

and delighted in the company of a couple of very special "goldens" ?

Sandy's dogs, Rickard and Digby.

I chilled in a country meadow,

explored Ottawa with an old friend, 

Me and Bonnie.
searched for the sinkhole,

Wanted to see the sinkhole but the hoardings around it were too high.

and drove 250 km. to Peterborough to visit with friends there. 



In Kemptville I found a couple of geocaches, visited locks on the Rideau Canal, 

Isn't this delightfully confusing ?  Care to guess WHAT is happening in this photo ?
went on a forest ramble,


and visited a train museum.

The Smith's Falls station is now a museum.
A dental office on a train did the circuit of remote
under-serviced communities in Northern Ontario.


Right now my suitcase lies on the floor waiting to be packed.  It's after 10 p.m. and I should be thinking about bed.

But before I pack that suitcase I want to pack some of my marvellous memories from this trip into this blog post, partly to help me remember when I get back home and partly to help understand in the morning why I'm so darn tired.   


  1. Looks like an AWESOME trip! But too bad you didn't get to see the giant sinkhole in Ottawa. Too bad it didn't suck in a few politicians while it was at it, eh?

    1. You're right Debra, we could have used that sinkhole 11 years ago. lol

  2. It looks like you had a fantastic time, Sybil! How interesting that dentist would travel by train to see their patients and carry their office with them.

    1. You can imagine how for folk in remote communities in the North it would be their only chance to see a dentist.

  3. Wonderful adventures Sybil! Now it looks like it just needs to warm up so you don't have to be wearing a jacket everywhere you go!

    1. Things did get hot when I was visiting my brother in Kemptville (near Ottawa). Actually it got freakin' hot. I'd rather wear a jacket to ward off the chill than be that hot.

  4. You had lots of fun! The photos are all great reminders for you to look at in upcoming months. How nice that you were able to get together with so many friends. I hope you've fully recovered now that it's July. :)

    1. It was a great holiday Kathy. I'm lucky to have such great friends.

  5. I am deeply envious of the trip. Something about the photo of the lock on the Rideau Canal tickles my memory . . . was it you or Scott Thomas along the Erie Canal in New York who showed the confounding systems of Y-roads? It's all I can do to keep a standard 4-way intersection firmly in mind.

    1. That must have been Scott. I haven't seen the Erie Canal, though I did live near the Trent canal in Peterborough.


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