Thursday, September 1, 2016

An outing with Alice and Art.

I enjoy sharing the places I love with chums who haven't seen them.  In my head I have a "go to" list of nearby favourite places; at the top of that list is Macdonald Hill.   If you come for a visit and only have a couple of hours in Nova Scotia THIS would be the place I'd take you.  So when chums Art and Alice asked to join me on an outing, this is where we went.

Looking from Stony Beach toward Macdonald Hill.

Art and Wendy strolling the beach.

Alice and I were chatting about how sometimes you step into a beach area where there is a lot of water mixed with the sand and a "quicksand" effect is created.  And will you look at that, Art found some!  Bet he was glad he wasn't wearing those shoes.

After a delightful stroll on Stony Beach and a wander along the top of the hill we went to the Heron Tea Room in Macdonald House where Art and Alice treated me to a delicious home-cooked lunch.

Art's desert - Coconut cream pie !

Macdonald Hill rises between Stony Beach and Lawrencetown Beach.  The view is quite wonderful.  

After lunch we hopped back in the car and drove 3 minutes own the road to Lawrencetown Beach to take a gander.


One of the boardwalks is ramped for wheelchair access to the beach,

however, the tides driven higher by storm surges have repeatedly destroyed the beach-end of the ramp rendering it it not-so-accessible.

Macdonald Hill in the distance.
Look closely and you might spot the oodles of surfers waiting for next decent wave.

After such a marvellous outing our only problem is -- where do we go next ?


  1. Hey, a blogging buddy of mine has a shop in Macdonald House!

    1. You talking about Sophie's "dad" ? I follow his blog too. He has a vintage store of 50's stuff I think.

  2. looking forward to going there with you :)

    1. We three will have to do lunch at the Heron Tea Room. The view from the hill is amazing.

  3. I really love the look of the beaches in Nova Scotia, Sybil. Those gentle waves are just the right size for me as I really love to paddle in the gentle ripples along the beach. It's just a shame that Nova Scotia is such a long way from Australia! - Joanne. :)

    1. The waves aren't always that gentle. lol. It's a pity that Australia is such a long way from Nova Scotia. ;-)

  4. You say your only problem is, where do you go next? Sybil, your beaches are so breathtaking in all their different moods, I'd be content to go to the same beach over and over again...


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