Tuesday, September 20, 2016

If it's Saturday this must be LaHave ...

Some friends who were touring the Maritimes contacted me recently to say they'd be in the Bridgewater area on Saturday and could we get together ?   

I don't know that area well so contacted a friend who lives in the area for suggestions about places to meet and go.

She suggested that I meet my friends at the LaHave Bakery and then head to a nearby beach.

So after meeting up at the Bakery we drove 15 minutes down the road to Cherry Hill Beach.  

Even though it was a weekend and the weather mild we only encountered 6 or 7 other people on the beach and most of them we paddle boarders.

We strolled down the beach while Wendy chased the ball and Sooki did "zooomies' along the shore.

It's wonderful how works of art pop up every where I go.
Betty and her grand daughter. 

After a few hours of walking the glorious beach we popped back in the car to head back to the LaHave Bakery for lunch.  On the way I got drawn down a road called "Wharf Road".  Do you know how many "Wharf Roads" there are in Nova Scotia ?   I wish I could drive down each and every one of them because I'm never disappointed.

We peeked into this place as the door stood open.  Sadly, attached to the door was a "stop work order" dated last June.  And now it seems to have been abandoned.

Just up a short path from this road we found another cove with old fishing huts.

From here we finally made our way back to the Bakery for a delicious lunch out on the deck.

The hand-painted sink in the bathroom.  The red building is the bakery. 

 Lots of freshly baked goods and a marvellous atmosphere.

This lovely old dory was pulled up next to the dock where we had lunch.

We made a little sign to send greetings back to an old friend back in Peterborough.
We watched as this sailboat heeled over ever farther.
After that all-too-brief visit I mid my friends "safe travels" as they hit the road to continue their adventure.   So glad they looked me up and I got to explore a couple of new places.


  1. Glad you got to enjoy part of the South Shore!

  2. Always nice to meet up with old friends! The bakery looks like a fun place!

  3. Looks like such a wonderful day! So many scenes to savor and to enjoy them with friends must have made it an extra special day. Love the sculpture made from the rocks. The sink art was very surprising and colorful. :)


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