Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Kait and Sooki

 The other day after a rigorous session of Pokemon chasing on the Halifax waterfront Kaitlyn decided to put Sooki through her paces.

But first Sooki had to greet her public who are always drawn to her wiggling tail, bum and head.

Watching across the beach volleyball court.
The busy boardwalk presents a marvellous training opportunity, and a chance to show what a well-trained dog can do -- specifically what a well-trained pit-bull can do.

Sooki has mastered the "Stay".

It was fun watching passersby as they stared in amazement at her.

Sooki's gaze was focused on Kait.
Sooki backed up glued to Kait's side.  

Sooki was oblivious to the people around 
her as her gaze was fixed on Kait.

If Kait points to an object, Sooki will jump up on it.  Here she'has been waiting on top of a post and once called, she runs and sits in front of Kait.

"Spread 'em" means put your paws up high on something and then stay like that while Kait pats ya down.  

Look at the photo.  I love how Sooki is gazing up into Kaitlyn's face.

Hard to believe that these marvellous dogs have been banned in Ontario for ten years now.

In banning certain breeds they are focusing their attention on the wrong end of the leash.   


  1. The old cliché, throwing the baby out with the bath water, comes to mind. Too bad responsible dog owners wind up paying the price for those who are responsible. Nice to see Kait and Sooki out and about, setting a good example.

    1. Thanks. ALL dogs should be as well trained as Sooki. I am amazed when I see folk being "dragged" by teeny lap dogs.

  2. There's nothing I like to see better than a well-trained dog. So many, many people do not train their dogs and that is doing no one a favour -- not themselves, not other people and certainly not the dog.

    1. Thanks Debra. It bugs me too. Cesar Milan used to say dogs need "exercise, discipline and affection" in that order. I get ticked off when I see humans who are not in charge of their dogs. In the end something happens and the dogs are blamed.


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