Monday, December 5, 2016

A Birthday outing ...

Blogging buddies Sara and Kelly and I always make sure to get together on each other's birthdays.

For Kelly's recent birthday we agreed to meet up in Port Williams, a tiny town on a tidal river of the Bay of Fundy.

We met up for a marvellous lunch at The Noodle Guy.

Holding pics from birthdays past.

Part way through lunch I asked what time it was and then I tore outside to check out the unusually high tide.  The water had almost reached the girders on the underside of the bridge.  

My past visits to Port Williams have been around low tide when the mud flats are exposed and the water is 35-40 feet below the bridge.   Like this ...

It's a very different view at low and high tide looking across the river.

The dogs often romp in the foreground water-logged grassy area that is covered by water at high tide.

Walking along the top of the dyke.

Kelly is such a good sport.  She wore her Birthday "tiara" throughout the day and received Birthday greetings from everyone we met.

We sauntered along the dyke for half an hour and were rewarded with this distant view of Wolfville with the prominent white silhouette of Acadia University. 

We turned and walked back to Port Williams as we had something else to check out. 

Kelly had heard of this antiques barn that she felt we should check out.

I'm not normally one for antiques stores but this place left me breathless.  Three floors of the most chaotic clutter !   

We could have spent hours and hours exploring.   Each of us was looking for something in particular.  Kelly found some glass insulators.  Sara found a glass bowl that usually would hold flowers in individual holes but was going to put it to use for holding pens and pencils.  And I found a marvellous bottle that I have turned into a terrarium.

If you're ever in Port Williams make sure you check out the barn !


  1. It's clear who is the birthday girl in that photo! Looks like a marvelous day out together.

  2. Wow! That is such a dramatic difference between the low and high tides! I love your birthday tradition and the antique store sounds wonderful and it's great you all found a treasure to take home.

  3. It was a great day, but then we always have a great time whatever we do. Lovely photos Sybil!

  4. What a lovely time between friends ! Something never to miss, isn't it ? I would have loved to visit the antiques barn with you. I am sure I would have come out with something special. Thanks for the nice pictures too.


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