Wednesday, March 29, 2017

People. People who need people ...

As Barbra Streisand sang many years ago: "People.   People who need people, are the luckiest people in the World."

I am therefore by definitions of this song, a very lucky girl.

My trip to England was all about connecting with family; and what a wonderful family it is !


I toured country roads near Bury St. Edmunds with Gordon and Theresa seeking out places where our ancestors lived and died.   

Theresa had packed a delicious picnic lunch which we ate while staring at pastoral fields and after tramping about we even managed to make it to a pub.  Ya gotta go to a pub; right ?

Theresa, my cousin Gordon and me

In London, Dave took me on a wander around a marvellous park created on re-claimed land.

A living shelter

Observation ports to look out at the bird life 

Later we joined nephew Andrew for dinner.

In Bath I visited the Bath Postal Museum which Aunt Audrey and Uncle Harold founded back in 1979.

                                  Audrey posing with a cutout of Uncle Harold
                               directing visitors down the stairs to the Museum
Yes.  It's a "Pigeongramme" !

Evenings were spent poring over a dizzying array of family photos.

From Bath, Mike and Sylvie drove us to visit a magnificent castle in Wales.  We crossed a bridge and probably drove a mere 5 km into Wales; but still I can say that I visited Wales.

Since we were in the area we dropped in on older brother Rob and his wife Pippa in Bristol and they treated us to a genuine English tea complete with delicious scones.   


And I mustn't forget to mention the marvellous day we had visiting Frank and the gardens and greenhouses he maintains.


Fascinating fence walls.  

Frank inspecting the seedlings in one of the greenhouses.

After exploring the grounds we headed to nearby The Connie's Tea Room for lunch.

I've only been back two weeks and miss all these marvellous people already.   

And you wanna know a secret ?

I'm already planning a trip back there next Spring !    Do you blame me ?

P.S.   Would you believe there are two people still missing from this post ?  Apologies to Josie and Kae.  Still looking for photos of us  ...


  1. How lucky you are to have such a generous and welcoming extended family! Looks like you had some wonderful adventures.

    1. Sara, they are amazing and I had a terrific time. I'm ready to go back !

  2. What a truly marvelous trip you had! Lucky girl!

    1. Boy I really am Debra.

      A month later I still can't believe everything I did and how nice everyone was.

  3. You and Gordon do look like cousins! How wonderful to have family across the pond ~ I'm so happy for you, Sybil. It looks like you had a great time and it's no wonder you're already planning your next trip. :)

  4. So both of us have been on a family history tour! Not so surprising I suppose. Retirement allows for that sort of time for travel and reflection. I have a lot of catching up to do - will look forward to reading more of your adventures.


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