Friday, June 9, 2017

Take me to your leader.

Every Spring they walk amongst us, while we unknowing humans pass them by without a second glance.

Can YOU see them ?

They gather in clusters, chatting amongst themselves and striving to look innocuous.

If you look their way they pretend to be looking elsewhere.

Sometimes you may catch a couple of them covertly making plans.  

Finally a brave emissary steps forward, 

and politely presents their terms for our peaceful surrender.


  1. And we surrender to them so easily . . .

  2. I haven't seen one of these plants for years. They grew at a girl guide camp I led. So beautiful and so fragile. Beautiful pictures.

  3. Very cleverly written! I would surrender to them immediately.

  4. Beautiful pictures and great story, Sybil! I went on a guided lady slipper walk in the woods several years ago. They are difficult to spot unless you know where to look for them. And they're very fussy about soil conditions ~ they need a certain fungus to germinate. Last I knew it was illegal to pick them here in Connecticut. Yours are so lovely!


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