Friday, July 7, 2017

Another amazing day in Nova Scotia

If I can have a "major adventure" once a week I'm happy.  I define "major" as just getting out of town and going somewhere different.

Like meeting up with chums Ros and Terry in Hall's Harbour for an outdoor lunch at the Lobster Pound while watching the tide recede in harbour.

 The boats were still floating when we arrived as it was only an hour or so after high tide.

But not long after they were siting on the bottom of the harbour.

With tides of 35-40 ft. it's important to know where you are in the tide cycle before you go strolling on a beach along the Bay of Fundy.

I was glad to get a shot of the last of the Lupins and the first of the marvellously scented roses.  

As Ros and Terry are new to the area I insisted on dragging them over to nearby Huntington Point and my beloved "Jelly Bean cottages".

The cottage with the blue roof can be rented to $400 / wk. in summer.  I'm told it's pretty chilly and damp as it's entirely made out of concrete.

The other cottages are privately owned.

The bottom two are facing directly onto the Bay of Fundy.

BTW I was quite taken with that driftwood fence.

Just as you're coming into Hall's Harbour is Cove Road.  Nothing special there.  

Unless you count this stunning cove.

At least a kilometer of shoreline and we had it to ourselves.

Terry sat on a rock, while Ros and Bella explored the shoreline.

I think Ros was a tad creeped out by the clearly evident rockfalls that happen from time to time and stayed as far away from the cliff bottom as possible.

Things look a mite unsettled up there.  Notice the tree just right of centre and the way it's tilting.  Perhaps the land under it isn't that stable ?

 There are amazing rocks to be found along the shore.  Many have crystalline cavities.

There must have been a partial rock fall a while ago.  Notice the upside down evergreen in the centre.  It's crown is starting to grow upward indicating that it's been hanging there for a while.

Of course we were not alone.  



Well this is a first.  No photograph of Sooki !

I've been to this waterfall before but never noticed the cave entrance beside it.  It's listed on Google Earth as "Hall's Harbour Sea Cave".  I shimmied into it and found it was only about 50 feet deep.


The waterfall is even more stunning in winter !


And this my friends is Hall's Harbour in the mirror.  Be warned.  There is a very sharp turn as you're coming into town.  Keep your eyes on the road and wait till you're safely parked before gawking at the stunning scenery.

But rest assured, it's a trip worth taking.


  1. Another excellent adventure! I got the heebie jeebies thinking about you going into that skinny cave! I wouldn't do it :)

    1. I did have to turn sideways ... but it wasn't that tight ...

    2. Sara, after all the excellent adventures you've had with intrepid Sybil, you should know by now that when she gets a bee in her (new Anne of GG) bonnet, there's no dissuading her. I did TRY, though, ha-ha! Most of my walking down at the shoreline was due to my discomfort as our lovely friend stood under unsettlingly precarious-looking cliff-sides taking photos...I just had to look away, ha-ha! Still, our Sybil's no doubt got the protection of the guileless around her and long may it continue, marvellous woman that she is. :D

    3. I saw Sara today Ros, and you'll be delighted to that she was pretty creeped out by my venturing into the cave.

  2. Wonderful pictures, Sybil! I love the upside down evergreen growing from the cliff. Trees grow in some unusual places and I am forever being impressed by their tenacity and willingness to recover and start over.

    1. It must have been hanging there upside down for some time for it to start growing upward again !

  3. Sybil, you're the best tour guide anyone could have, and we're very grateful for all that you've so kindly shown us or told us about--you've made our transition here soooo much easier. Everyone should be so fortunate to have such a delightful and informed companion. Now to find somewhere new to take YOU to...s'gonna be a challenge. :D

    1. Not really. I've only seen about 1/5 of the province in detail. The rest is wide open ... but a longer drive that's for sure.


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