Sunday, September 3, 2017

Exit 4.

 Highway 101 crosses Nova Scotia at its narrowest point.  From my house I can be at the Bay of Fundy in less than an hour.   I'm always so focused on reaching my destination that I never stop on the way.   However it's hard not to notice from the highway the stunning white gypsum cliffs near exit 4. 

Finally after 7  years of driving past them, yesterday I took exit 4 to go check them out.

There is a dyke that runs alongside a small river at the base of the cliffs. 

We then found ourselves on another part of the dyke.  BTW that's a "gate".  Thank goodness there was a sign.  You can see the highway off to the left.

My travelling companions had fun too.

It was a lovely easy walk and I know I'll be going back again in the fall to check out the colours.  


  1. You always find the most interesting places. Love the gate!

  2. A full and rich day for you and your 2 loyal companions!

    1. Thanks. I love having adventures with my dogs ... if it wasn't for them I wouldn't get out as much as I do.

  3. Sara, coming back in the other direction there was a sign that read "Gate ahead". I think it must be used by ATV-ers. It was a well travelled trail, and quite lovely.

  4. Looks like a cool spott :-) I'd love to go with you to take in the fall colours :-)

  5. So many beautiful places in Nova Scotia! You are blessed to live in such a wild and lovely area.

  6. What a lovely stroll with your pups. I guess the 'Gate' only applies to cars, not people walking their dogs?


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