Sunday, November 12, 2017

Two "meet 'n greets" !

A nearby doggie day care has "meet 'n greets" every Sunday at 10:30 so as a treat I thought I'd take Wendy and Sooki.

Usually Sooki enjoys these things but there were a lot of excitable dogs with a high energy vibe.

Can you see how she was not having "fun" ?

Some dogs were downright rude.  Jumping on humans is not cool.

Dear old Wendy kept leading me over to a section of fence that she hoped had a gate to let her the heck out of the chaos.   Occasionally she had to scold some rude dogs that were not playing nice.

Happily after many of the "bad" dogs left, the mood changed entirely and Sooki relaxed and had some fun playing with a Great Pryenees.

It wasn't exactly the outing we expected.


This evening I headed out to another "meet 'n greet" in downtown Halifax.   

Billed as a "Jagmeet and greet" it was an informal opportunity to meet the new head of the federal NDP (New Democratic Party), Jagmeet Singh.  I responded to the RSVP and arrived ten minutes early to an event that was to start at 6 pm.   So you can imagine my surprise when a line up extended down the street and around the corner !   

We stood in line stomping our feet trying to stay warm when we got the news that the venue was full and that it would be at least 30 minutes before they let us in.

In fact I never got  in.   Well to be honest I could have hung around, but Mr. Singh had quietly arrived and worked his way down the outside line to meet those of us who were waiting outside before he went inside for the speechifying and greeting in there.

Not exactly the outing I expected, but I'm OK with how it turned out...

Here's my pic of me and (hopefully) the next Prime Minister of Canada !

Note: yep, I'm still fooling around that that silly Prisma phone app.  Sorry.


  1. "Jagmeet and greet," LOL, what a great name for that event!

    1. I didn't come up with it. That was the publicized event title. lol

  2. I'm glad to hear that you feel dogs jumping on humans is not cool! That's one problem I have trying to get over my fear of dogs ~ I never know if/when they are going to jump on me. Please tell Wendy I know how she feels when in large groups. Groups of excitable people in my case.

    My daughter and I had a similar experience trying to attend a Bernie Sanders rally in 2016. Except we were trying to stay cool in a long line on a hot day in North Carolina. Nice picture of you and your (hopefully) future prime minister!

    1. Thanks Barbara. Did you get to meet Bernie ?

  3. Jealous am I. lucky you, lucky Jagmeet ;-) xo S


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