Friday, January 19, 2018

I didn't walk the dogs today ...

This is maybe the third time since September that I didn't take the dogs for a walk; and I feel like a rat.

Usually the only reason I don't walk them is coz the weather is just intolerable, but today I  just never seemed to get around to it.   I spent the morning sorting choir music and then enjoying choir, then on to the market, Giant Tiger, the dollar store and Superstore.  By the time I got home it was 4 pm and I hadn't had lunch and the dogs needed to be fed.

I've promised them a good walk tomorrow.

Hard to believe that one week ago (last Friday) the golf course* where we sometimes walk in winter didn't have stitch of snow.

Wendy walks on water.

It wasn't too cold so Sooki didn't have to wear her big winter coat.

The next day, Saturday, we went to Shubie off leash park; still no snow.

The lake looked frozen but not be able to hold my weight.

Sunday we returned to the golf course where the walking was still easy due to the lack of snow.

Monday was cold with a biting wind so we went to the Lucasville woods as being in the trees cuts down on the chilling winds.

The woods form a dark mono culture of similar trees.

The recent high winds have taken their toll in the woods.

 The waterfall was roaring because of the recent rains.

The first snow of the winter in Halifax (not Nova Scotia) fell on Monday night and we went on a lovely walk in the Sackville woods on Tuesday.

The golf course looked very different the next day than it had on our previous visits.  Though it is very pretty it is much more difficult for walking.

Snow was still falling during our walk but it wasn't that cold and as you can see, it was rather magical.

There are some lovely sections that follow wide woodland trails.

So much snow fell on me that I couldn't see through my wet glasses and I had to take them off and tuck them in my pocket.  Also my hair got a mite wet ...

and the dogs got soggy too so I had to towel their heads to de-sog them.

Yesterday we went back to Shubie and while there the sun finally came out.  

The heaps of snow sticking to the tree branches would occasionally let loose with a shoooshing sound as it fell to the ground below; with one such "bomb" hitting me full on the top of my head, sliding down my neck and filling the hood of my coat.

So that's it.  Six days of walks and nothing to report for today.   Glad to hear it may get a degree or two above zero Celsius tomorrow.  That should make for a pleasant walk.

I'll let you know how it goes.


* From December 15 - March 15 they allow dogs on the golf course as long as we pick up the dog poop.  

** I have messed with some of the images using an app on my phone called "Prisma".


  1. Lovely photos (as always). Love the self portrait you took. I deleted Prisma from my kept freezing and then placed ads so they photos couldn't be processed without payment to remove the ads. I really liked that app...trying to find another one.

    1. Thanks Sara. I just ignore the ads on Prisma. Let me know if you find another app.

  2. They look so cute in their winter jackets!

    1. Thanks Debra. Sooki gets more compliments on that coat ...

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  4. Gee whiz, you look frozen in the pic. You must be from mighty hardy stock to endure the cold but then it seems that Canadians and northerners are acclimated to the cold. It seems the dogs looked just a bit cold as well but I know they had a bang up time out in the snow.

    1. It wasn't cold. Actually a pretty nice day. The dogs weren't cold but I did towel them off when they got in the car.

  5. Lovely, magical snow pictures! You need a hat for protection from the wet gloppy stuff!

  6. What a wonderful sequence of walks with your pups, Sybil. Thank you for taking us along - and some of those artistic shots with the Prisma app are quite extraordinary and surreal.


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