Wednesday, July 18, 2018

I promised I'd show you our visit to the newest castle in in England; hope you didn't get too excited waiting.  If so, I apologize as the newest castle in England wasn't really worth waiting for; or visiting with one unexpected exception.

Castle Drogo is a country house / castle constructed between 1911 and 1930 for Julius Drewe a self-made millionaire.  Pretty much from the time it was built the roof leaked !   

There is scaffolding and plastic up the side of the castle hiding it from prying eye.  For the sum of around $18 each we got to climb 58 steps to gaze upon the work being done there.   I had the naive thought that once climbed I would see more than an unfinished roof.   

I certainly didn't expect a 20 minute detailed talk on the making of shingles and waterproofing of same.  Perhaps if I was an engineer I would have found it scintillating; but I'm not and I didn't.

Having wild ADD I just couldn't pay attention to the talk of tar and seals and shingles, but giggled like a naughty schoolgirl with Louise while her daughter tried to pretend she was not with us.  Those hard hats that we had to wear had a dial that you could turn and tighten on the back.  That proved to be too much of a temptation for me ...

After climbing down from the scintillating talk on the roof we did get to tour one open wing of the castle.

Inside I was impressed by this lovely piece of artwork.  

It represents the first leaking drop that fell from the leaking roof; I kid you not.

This piece of art in the basement next to the private chapel was quite touching.

It represents workers vanishing as they go off to war.


But it was the grounds and gardens that dazzled me.     After all, Spring in Nova Scotia with blooming flowers and sweet scents in the air was still a month away.

The formal gardens and stunning views were stunning to these Winter-weary eyes.

From there Phoebe and Louise took me to visit a pub located next to the ancient Fingle bridge.  Just driving around the country lanes is a feast for the eyes.   

Of course I had to follow that intriguing trail.  I wasn't disappointed.


Even the drive home along country roads was magical ...


  1. I love reading about your adventures. I agree, the gardens were the best part of the modern castle.

    1. Spring for these Winter weary Canadian eyes coming so early and being so beautiful. It was magical.

  2. And of course the Brits have a sign pointing out the "dog poo bin."

  3. The workers vanishing as they go off to war was very poignant... What lovely green countryside, a magical setting for castles, old and new.

  4. Fabulous grounds and gardens! Love the fourth pic from the bottom. Glad to hear you quit misbehaving once the construction lecture ended!

    1. Kathy, to these Winter weary eyes the green was intoxicating. It really was that lush and beautiful.


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