Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter at PPP ...

This time last year I had not discovered Point Pleasant Park. Since it had snowed last Friday, Saturday I took Wendy, Sooki and Chandler to PPP to rectify the situation. 

It was a sunny brisk morning and many other dog folk were gathered at the early morning doggie meet-up.

I hung out with other doggie folk and we smiled at dog antics. 

Wendy pretty much disappeared.  I found her playing with a child who was throwing a stick for her.  Wendy gets ticked off at me when I don't take a ball or stick, so she goes off to find some human who will do her bidding.  She'd come ack every ten minutes or so to make sure I was still around.  The child didn't have much of an arm and was throwing the stick about five feet each time.  Luckily, Wendy has very low standards.

Sooki would seek out other goofball dogs that liked to run and play hard and didn't mind her "bumping" style of play.  If other dogs were playing a rousing game of "chase, chase", she would happily join in.  "Chase, chase" is an exciting game involving lots of running and chasing.  That's about it.  I have so far not been able to find written rules for this amazing game but the dogs all seem to instinctively know how it's played. 

Chandler stuck pretty close to me, which is a bit unusual for him.  You can see him in the second picture (above) running with a German Shepard.

I would guess that there were 30-40 dogs of varying sizes, from Yorkies to Great Danes.  It's a wonderful experience to be among so many dogs just enjoying each other's company without a hint of conflict.

Just before 10 o'clock the dogs and their companions dispersed as if on command. 

And by the stroke of 10 they were all gone -- leaving not a trace behind.

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