Sunday, March 6, 2011

Buffy's big day

Yesterday was a big day for Buffy.

I'm staying, I'm staying -- now get back here and give me a treat.

She's been attending Saturday afternoon obedience classes for a while and yesterday was graduation day !

Each diplomas was personalized with the dog's own photo. 

Buffy wonders why I get the certificate when she did all the work.

Even better there were mortarboards -- with tassels ! 

A fellow graduate fairly bursts with pride.

Family members crowd around to capture the big moment.

Proud Buffy's grad picture wearing her mortaroard complete with tassel

May I eat this $@*^ hat now ?

With thanks to Meaghan Lumley of All About Dogs for going above and beyond to make graduation such a fun event.  Thanks too, Meaghan for the mid-week phone calls to see how we were doing .   Much appreciated.


  1. Yay for Buffy! Now can I enroll a husband and the little Bastard too! At least they will have graduated from something and they both will do work for food!

  2. Buffy is certainly cute with her graduation hat, Sybil! :)

  3. How cute is she? What's more, I've met her personally, and she is as gorgeous as she looks. And a winner. Go girl!!

  4. Anonymous -- good luck with the hubby and your precious child.

    Kathy, We got to practice with the hats but we did it too long so by the time she was to get her portrait done, Buffy was pretty sick of the darn hat !

    Lynne, Buffy thanks you for your kind remarks and agrees that she IS gorgeous.


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