Saturday, July 30, 2011

Back to good ol' Trent U dot C.A.

On my recent trip to Ontario I visited Trent University  where I worked for over 20 years prior to my retirement.

I sauntered around its lovely campus, snapping pictures with fresh eyes.

Reflection of me and the Environmental Sciences Building 

Do you see the dragon' s head ?

Rooftop gardens

The original intent of  the "groundhog" ramp was to provide critters
with access to the roof.

Shadows near the Champlain College quad.
Horror film, "Urban Legend: The Final cut" was filmed at Trent.

Hogworts ?  Nope.  It's the Champlain College dining hall, aka 
the Great Hall.

Flowers are everywhere.

The Trent main campus spans the Otonabee River.  Red canoes
await the excited children of the Trent Summer Sports Camp

Bata Library

While crossing the bridge over the river I encountered  the
new-fangled, Google bike.

The bike heading over the Faryon Bridge.

OMG (giggle) am I going to be on Google Earth ?


  1. Trent University seems to be in a very picturesque setting! I never heard of a Google bike before. I'd love to go canoeing in one of those red canoes!

    (By the way, I read the book "Passages" many years ago, too. It mentally prepared me for a lot of changes that were to come...)

  2. Thanks ingebrita. The Trent campus is a lovely combination of interesting architecture and natural beauty.

    The Google bike is just a mini version of the car one and goes places cars can't go. I think it's pretty new as I'd never heard of it before.

    It was years ago that I read "Passages" too but it made an impression on me.

    Happy paddling.


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