Thursday, October 6, 2011

Back to Hartlen Point

Yesterday was cool, wet and windy.   The rain over the previous days had been hard and driving.  During a sunny break, I took Buffy and Trey, for a ball run at Hartlen Point.

If I stand on tip toe, I can just see England. ;-)

The site, at the eastern gateway to Halifax harbour, provides a clear view of the sea in every direction.  Around 1942 it was the location of a watch station, tasked with finding U-boat targets.  Interestingly, it was staffed, not by military, but by Department of Transport personnel.   I posted about a previous visit here.

I chucked the balls off the cliff.  The dogs took off in hot pursuit.  From my perch I could see both balls amongst the beach rocks below.  The dogs searched in ever-widening circles.  I was very frustrated to see Trey find Buffy's ball, and continue on without it !  He didn't want THAT ball.  He was looking for HIS ball !

I walked to a spot where I could get down to the beach, as unlike the dogs, I'm not good at scrambling down mucky cliffs.

After retrieving Buffy's ball, I began chucking both balls UP the cliff.

Trey looks down at me, after not being able to find the ball .

As a result of the big rains, there were several spots where water was coursing down, undermining the cliff's edge, causing slabs of grass to slide down.

The rains also provided Buffy and Trey with big puddles to run through, chasing the remaining ball

It's wonderful to have such stunning scenery just 4 km. from my home.

Have I mentioned before how very lucky I feel to live here ?


  1. Lovely post and photos. I want some of those blue rocks from pic #4 for my garden. Gee, guess I'll have to make a "rock" trip, although how I get them home is another question indeed!

  2. Nice post Sybil. You can always see the positive, even on a wet day. You should come and live in England!

  3. ITC -- you're welcome to all the rocks you want !!!

    Lynne -- England is a lovely place to visit but ... :-)

  4. I love that last shot. The wet road and the sky are very dramatic, but I love the determined looked of those dogs.

  5. Thanks Les. BTW that's not a public road. It's a gated old gravel road.

  6. Absolutely love your third photo! I have been following along, but my comments haven't appeared. Looks like they might be now.

  7. Hi Cait, I've changed the comments so they come up in a pop-up window and that seems to have helped some folk who were having trouble. Thanks for sticking with it and for your kind comments.


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