Friday, March 9, 2012

Abstract photography ....

Scott's  latest photo challenge over at "Views Infinitum", is about abstract photography. 
I thought this was a fun challenge.  My favourite is #3.  Oooops.  Am I allowed to have a favourite ?  Will the other photos get jealous ?
Your challenge is to tell me what the photos are of.  



  1. Maybe I'm a little cracked too, but #3 is also my favorite. Here are my guesses:

    #1 Looks like plant leaves seen through a crystal.
    #2 Looks like what you'd see under a vehicle.
    #3 Looks like cracks in concrete or stone.
    #4 Looks like a view into a lighthouse light.
    #5 Looks like ice cracking up on a window or water.

  2. Should clarify that my guess for #5 is and aerial view of ice cracking up on water.

  3. #1 The green pyramids of Pango Pango or the side of a house
    #2 Robby the Robot or a beam I wouldn't trust
    #3 It's the sky. Reflected in the hood of a 1957 Buick Roadmaster Riviera . (Not mint condition, of course)
    #4 The first thing Keith Richards sees Sunday morning.
    #5 The hull of a boat or a darkening bolt.

  4. Amy-Lynn, you've got #1 and #4 spot on.

    Bob the water cat, who is also a very hep cat, has #2 & #5.

    Trey likes Bob's answers, and would like to know when Bob can come over for a play date ?

  5. Well, Bob's answers are much more witty than mine would be and 4 out of 5 have already been guessed. Guess I'm late to the party! I love this collection of abstracts though. The face on #2 is really neat. You've got 5 shots posted and I'm having trouble deciding where to begin!

  6. What ever the hell they are, they are all lovely. I think Bob the Water Kitty sounds like a good laugh!

    Vicky xx

  7. Well I liked 'em - especially the Fresnel lens. Seems to me that everyone who's doing this is having a very fine time at no expense to the taxpayers. What more can a person ask in March???

  8. Not the green pyramids of Pango Pango? Huh.

    Does Trey bite?

  9. Yes, all the other photos are jealous. They've been whimpering ever since you said that. However, it's OK. They have to grow up sometime! **grin** I like #2. It's a face, and I love abstract faces to death! (Well, not to death, but you know...)

  10. Sybil, you are a Saint. I just realized that your blog is not even on my blog roll! How could such an omission have occurred? Correcting that IMMEDIATELY!

  11. Karmadav, funny thing is I didn't see the "face" in #2 until two of you pointed it out !

    Gerry, I was trying to figure out what a Fresnel Lens is ... I assume it's photo #1.

    Kathy, me a saint ?! I'm sorry you've mistaken me for someone else ... ;-)

  12. Oh c'mon, Sybil! We all have a saint in us. Just like we all have a...never mind. We might have to look hard, but she's there, and I saw YOURS!

  13. Great abstract photography, Sybil ! Each so different and not easy to guess. I thought the first one might have been a kaleidoscope, the third one (my favourite) a cracked part of some metal and the last areal view of Nova Scotia ;)

  14. Isa, #1 was taken through a multi-facetted piece of glass. #3 is an oily slick on water. Not created by an oil spill but by rotted sea plants.
    The last shot is a boat reflection.


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