Friday, March 16, 2012

My favourite picture of Trey ...

Trey is a photogenic, handsome boy.

He has the most amazing, soppy eyes.

Whether he's sucking on his blankie,

or teasing me with a ball,

his eyes are the windows to his sweet, doggie soul.  

But my favourite picture of Trey isn't a photograph.

It's a beautiful pencil sketch, left at my door, by a wonderful friend.

Thanks Amy-Lynn.

You rock !

Love from Sybil & Trey.    Y


  1. Sybil, that's a great sKetch. Great expression.

  2. Awwwwww what a sweet doggie. Amy-Lynn has endless talent doesn't she! Hugs Vicky xx

  3. tres handsome - Trey is !
    & a wonderful sketch of him
    xo les Gang

  4. Thanks Bob, it is.

    Lynne, she made me the most lovely birthday card ...

    Susan, He is handsome. Hope it doesn't go to his head.

  5. Amy-Lynn rocks! Trey rocks! Sybil rocks! I loves you all.

  6. You're welcome Sybil. As you say, he is a very handsome dog.

    If Kathy thinks we're all rocks, we're probably pyrite :)

  7. Gerry, Trey just loves to play, play, play. He's a big, happy goof.

    Thanks Kathy, I'm with Amy-Lynn, we're pyrite ! lol

  8. Ha ha, pyrite! My pyrite girlfriends...

  9. I've given it more thought. I'm pyrite -- Amy-Lynn is pure GOLD !

  10. He's a beautiful chap!
    The drawing is really good!


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