Friday, March 9, 2012

one more thing we did ...

I thought for sure I'd told you about Sandy and I going to Hall's Harbour.  Heck, I even thought I could recall which images I'd posted.  The first shot was of Sandy, with the beach and cliffs curving into the distance behind her.

Trouble is, I hadn't.  Hadn't posted any images that is.  No idea why not.  I mean, LOOK !

How could I forget to post pictures about such a marvellous outing ?

We went to the beach at Hall's Harbour on the same day we went to the "Jelly Bean Cottages" and Blomidon.

What do you mean  I didn't post anything about visiting Blomidon or the Jelly Bean Cottages?  Are you sure?

Never mind ...

Visits to cliffs along the Fundy shore must be timed very carefully.  The icicles next to Sandy have been been trimmed neatly across the bottom by the recent salty, tide.  Getting caught by the incoming tide, with no escape route, is not an option.  

I had visited this beach last year with Amy and Mickie.  During that visit, we explored the shore looking for minerals and interesting rocks.

This was my first winter visit, and I was surprised and delighted by the massive icicles.  Some of them seemed to  materialize from solid rock, making it easy to understand why the rock face is in a state of flux.

The shot below puzzles me.  Why are the trees on the right, angled and not standing upright ? Has the ground recently heaved upwards ?

Water cascaded down the centre of the largest ice fall.   I couldn't resist, and took a video which I posted on YouTube.

The beach is littered with the results of massive rock falls.  For a sense of scale, find Trey, in the shot below.  

Ready for a real challenge ?  Find Wendy, who is a black dog, in this next shot.

If you're still scrolling down, hoping for images of Blomidon or Jelly Bean Cottages, I hate to disappoint you but  ...


  1. A beautiful series from a fantastic world of rocks(and ice)
    -I didn't find Wendy!

  2. I got her! Lovely pics Sybil! Looks a little chilly out there, but I'd love to get some shots of those icy rocks. That effect of the trees usually happens more with a wide angled lens. I like it!
    Vicky xx

  3. Congrats Lynne. So you've seen the trees looking sorta odd too ? I'll take you there in summer. Bring a big back pack, you'll want to come home with scads of rocks.

  4. Wow, love these shots .. makes me want to visit you in the winter!!!P.S. I found the dog no problem but then I have an eye for black dogs (I had a black lab). You did post pics of the Jelly Bean Cottages way back when ... not sure about Blomidon ... can't remember that. Glad you and Sandy had a good visit.

  5. Amazing to see such huge pieces of "ice". I'm glad I caught this post. Beautiful photos Sybil.

  6. Congrats Carsten. I confess I had trouble finding her, and I knew where to look.

    Betty T., come in winter, come in summer ... there's always something to see.

    DearRosie, I was surprised by the icicles. I'd never seen any THAT big before.

  7. Lovely! Though here in Oregon, I'm happy we're at the tail end of winter and leaning toward spring. From the look of those icicles, I guess it'll take a bit longer to reach you!

  8. You can visit Hall's Harbour anytime via live webcam at

  9. Thanks MargaretJ, I'll send that link to Sandy back in Ontario ...

  10. Thanks Patricia, I'm visiting family in Portland in mid-April. I'm looking forward to spring weather when I get there ...


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