Sunday, April 22, 2012

A note to Mother Earth.

Dear Mother Earth,

I am sorry.  I am sorry we put financial gain ahead of you.  I am sorry we ignore your warnings that you are not well.  I am sorry we are making you sick.  Sometimes you have a fever.  Sometimes it's a chill.  Those who understand, call it climate change.  Those who don't, say you're fine and just faking it, and that you've been faking it off and on since the world began, a mere 6,000 years ago.

I just want to tell you that you are lovely still, and that as I flew above you last week, leaving a trail of noxious gases, I saw your loveliness and marvelled at it.

Mount Hood is lovely. My compliments.

Sometimes you surprise us, as you go from mountains
to flat land, in a flash.

Sometimes, we try to work with you.

Sometimes, we don't.  .

You are lovely, you know.

And I hope your story has a happy ending ...


  1. She'll be around a long time after we will.

  2. I agree with you and Bob the Water Cat.

    Will spend the day working in the garden, turning over compost and enjoying the warm (finally) weather she brings.

    Love and Happy Earth Day


  3. Sybil, these aerial images are the best. The colors are gorgeous. We really see the half of it here on the ground.

  4. You just about summed it up Sybil. Lovely shots!

  5. Bob, I hope she has nine lives like you do.

    Amy-Lynn, when the sky is clear, I sit with my nose pressed to the plane window.

    Thanks Les and Lynne.

  6. Mother Earth says, I love you, Sybil. thank you.

  7. Beautiful photos. I've tried photographing from the plane and have never been able to get such rich colors. Congratulations.


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