Thursday, April 5, 2012

Unblocked ....

It's been a busy week so far, as I've attended a different event, three nights in a row.

    Q:    What do these three events have in common:

     Monday's taping of the TV comedy "This Hour Has 22 Minutes";
     Tuesday's alumni event for my alma mater, Trent University,    and
     Wednesday's  "Open Mike" and "Poetry Slam" ?

     A:    Words, words, words.

The TV show demonstrated the cleverness of language, expressed through humour, for entertainment purposes.

The alumni get-together was a wonderful opportunity to chat with friends, old and new.

Words entertained.  Words brought laughter.  Words made connections with other people.

Never having attended a poetry "open mike", I wasn't sure what to expect.  I certainly wasn't prepared to be blown away by mere words.

But at the "Poetry Slam", words were exciting and challenging.

Stumbling, bumbling and flying.
Clever puns and rhymes
told bitter tales of abuse.
Ideas jumbling and tumbling.  
Concepts, blending and twisting, 
fighting each other to be a central point.  

I sat.  Trying to follow jumping thoughts.
Fingers snapped in approval.
A two minute poem left me breathless
as I tried to follow thoughts.
Straining to catch each sing-song word.
Words speaking of torments,
that I have never known.
Dancing words, that makes rap seem like child's play
Words of importance,
   expressing pain and love.
Brilliant jumping trains of thought, 
waiting for me at the station.

It was as if the speaker was running ahead of me, throwing words over her shoulder.   Breathless and excited, I run behind, catching what I can.  Something special is happening that I can't quite understand.  

Just a couple of days ago, I struggled to find words for a blog post.  Suddenly I'm overwhelmed by the importance of communication.

Y'never know.


  1. Your life sounds thrilling & wonderful. Lots of passion !

  2. You can open your eyes now. It's the Sunshine Award. Details on my page. Enjoy.

  3. Just enjoyed a catch-up on your blog with my morning tea and I have to say that the words and pictures you share improve my life. You communicate with humour, audacity (those balls!!!), sensitivity and insight. Thank you for continuing to believe that communication is important.

  4. Mere words, as you write, are so important to express oneself deeply and fully. I love Poetry Slam for all its raw power and the talent it needs to put images on words. Thanks for this great post, Sybil.

  5. Have I told you lately how much I enjoy reading your writing, Sybil? Honest. I do.

  6. Thanks Bob. I'm touched. But you knew that before didn't you ?

  7. Cindy, it's funny coz other blogs I read, seem to be written by people who have a better way with words. I seldom produce more than two short paragraphs ...

    Thanks isa, as I listened to the poems being read, I felt so very excited. It was an amazing rush, that caught me quite off guard.

    Kathy, your $5 is in the mail.

  8. I love going to readings to hear poets reading their own work, but I've never been brave enough to read at an open mike event. Did you read? It sounds as though you've got a good community of writers near you eh?


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