Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Blogger's block.

I'm suffering from a nasty case of Blogger's block.

It's not like I have been idle, and have nothing to talk about.

During that hot spell a few weeks back, I put in a second smaller pond, and a bridge between the two. The "bridge" was just a platform that had been used to store the recycling and garbage containers at the top of the driveway.  I dragged it into the back yard, and POOF, I had a bridge !

My chums Amy and Mickie, took me bowling.

Where we met an alien !

At least I thought it looked like an alien.

One day I terrorized the cat.
He ignored me.

And of course, Amy-Lynn and I had our weekly outing at Value Village and Robin's Donuts.

Last Friday, Kait needed the car, so I had an adventure taking the transit into Halifax for my lunch-time choir group.  

Yesterday I went to the taping of the season finale of "This Hour has 22 Minutes".  After the show the cast hung around for photos.   

Shaun Majumder and me !

But my gift of the gab seems to be failing me.  

Hope I get my blogging-groove back soon.


  1. Keep on blogging girl, we all need you out here! Love the shot of poor old Butters,

    Much love,

    Vicky xx

  2. Your gift of gab will never fail you. I'd like to think of it as being on Hiatus.
    That alien almost looks like "Wall-E"

    Wow! You met Shaun Majumder!


  3. Got a good giggle out of the disgusted look on the poor kitty.My daughter took me to a taping of 22 Minutes a couple of years ago. Really enjoyed it.

  4. Sometimes I just post photos - the words they do come back, always - hugs from the north Susan & les Gang

  5. Thanks Lynne.

    It was amazing how freaky the alien bowling thingys looked.

    Bonnie, I love "22 minutes".

    Thanks Susan. I almost quoted your "funk" line ...

  6. Nice pictures. Which are, I believe, worth a thousand words. Or is it less? I'm not sure of the exchange rate these days.

  7. The format of this blog post seems familiar! ;-) Funny how feeling blog-blocked often leads to a post with a whole lot of something!

  8. Bob, that would be 1,000 words Canadian or 1,087 U.S. or 569 Euro words.

    karma, for one brief moment you wonder if you'll find words in the future ...

  9. I don't believe you had writer's block Sybil. You wrote a darn fun post here!


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