Saturday, March 9, 2013

Windy, is an understatement.

It was windy today in Eastern Passage.  It's often windy in Eastern Passage as it's located on the eastern shore of Nova Scotia on the open Atlantic Ocean.

At Hartlen Point, the strong on-shore winds combined with high tide can make for some impressive conditions there.

Can you see Devil's Island in the distance ?

Today the ocean sounded like a freight train, moving closer and closer still.  The noise was most impressive.  

Walking along the cliffs of Hartlen in a sensory treat: a feast for the eyes, ears, nose and even the skin.  I wonder what Trey makes of the scents the wind brings to him ?

               ›  š

The cliffs are constantly being eroded by the lashing waves.  The walking paths along the edge of the cliffs are always shifting away from the edge. Over the past three years the paths have probably moved inland at least 10  feet.

When walking near the edge it's important to verify that the land is as solid as it appears to be.

The above shot from last summer illustrates my point.

But Trey doesn't care about any of this.  He just wants me to throw the ball.

Just not off the the cliff !


  1. That is a cute picture of Trey. You wouldn't throw the ball off the cliff, now would you, Mom? Remembering how nervous I felt as a mom when the kids got too close to a cliff's edge. Did you, too? Is it a universal mom-reaction?

    1. Sometimes I DO throw the ball off the cliff and Wendy, not Trey, just runs down after it. Trey waits at the top for her to deliver the ball back to him. In some spots the cliff is more like a slope than a cliff ...

  2. The ocean sometimes does sound like a freight train - it gives me goosebumps. Such a mighty primal force. I agree with Kathy, that's a nice shot of Trey!

    1. I love the ocean with all its many moods.

      Thanks. Trey is an easy dog to photograph. He's got a wonderfully photogenic face.

  3. I like the description of the ocean sounding like a freight train. That describes the Atlantic - not the Pacific where I live. I'd like to hear and see some furious waves.
    I think that the shots of Trey are great.

    1. I've seen photos of incredible waves on the Pacific. I guess those shots must be from more rocky-shored areas like the northwest Pacific states ?

      In your area I guess you have long sandy gradual beaches.

      It can definitely be noisy here by the ocean. I wonder how much the appeal of the sound can be attributed to the sounds we heard in our mothers' wombs ?


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