Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Beaches and hills.

Thank goodness that heat wave has ended.  I'm really not good in hot weather.

While others may long for sweltering days at the beach, I long for comfortable walking days.   So that's what we did yesterday.

We explored a couple of beaches.

First stop was the West Lawrencetown Beach.

The beach here is marvellously wide and the water shallow at low tide.

We climbed that nearby hill to get a better view.

Usually near the shore, insects are not a problem as the constant wind blows them away.  Sadly, that was not the case.  The recent very wet weather, immediately followed by a heat wave, has brought on a mosquito population boom,

and the breeze was too slight to defer them.   Of course, none of this bothered Wendy and Trey.

They were happy to bound up and down the steep hill after the ball, until they both were tired.

After wandering (and swatting) my way around the hill. we headed for a different beach.

Fisherman's Reserve was another five minutes down the road.

As you can see, the weather was deteriorating.  A light rain began to fall.

The dogs quickly discovered it was low tide, and they could run wherever they wanted.

Those dogs have no idea how lucky they are:  but I do.


  1. I wilt in the heat, too. I've been staying close to home, enjoying the early morning on my porch and retreating to my air-conditioned house during the day. Wahh. Love the banner shot of you sitting on the beach, camera at hand, audience at feet.

    1. Are you have unrelenting heat like they've been having in Ontario ? We just had four days of it, but that was enough for me ! The weather here is really up and down. If was almost fall-like yesterday.

      Thanks for the compliment on the banner photo. A friend took it a few days back and it captures how I see myself.

  2. LOVE the photo of the dogs at the top of the hill! That is wonderful. Dogs do have it pretty awesome, don't they?

    1. Mine sure do. But I wouldn't do have the stuff I do, if I didn't have the with me.

  3. We have such a mosquito year it's hard to even type the word without spitting. (Ha ha, I'm sure I didn't say that...) My husband just said he wished it was 55 degrees so we could be outside without sweating. I told him it would be divorce if he uttered those sentiments again.

    1. I hate it when I suck one in and I try to "hork" it back up. I look like a cat with a hair ball.

      55 degrees F would be nice. In Celsius, not so much. ;-)

      Can't believe it was just a month ago that my friend Pat and I were wearing our jackets, hoodies and gloves !

  4. We're suffering in the heat and humidity down here in Connecticut, too. Went out early in the morning to do errands and it was already oppressive - this heat wave expected to last until Friday. But looking at these peaceful scenes in Nova Scotia was a pleasure - thank goodness the mosquitoes don't show up in the pictures!


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