Monday, September 2, 2013

Not the same ol' ball game.

Usually a ball-throwing game, involves a human flinging the ball, an insanely excited dog fetching said ball, and then returning the now goober-covered object, to the aforesaid human.  

The entire process is then repeated.  Ad nauseum.

I am delighted to report that my dogs have created a twisted variation on the usual paradigm.

It goes like this:

Step 1.   Wendy stands atop the cliff with the ball.

Step 2.   Wendy drops the ball to Trey, who is waiting in breathless anticipation below.

Step 3.  Trey fetches the ball.

Step 4.   Trey brings me the ball.

Step 5.   I throw the ball to the eagerly waiting, Wendy.

Steps 1-5 are then repeated in short order. 

A great time is had by all, until the human comes up short on a throw ...

The game then becomes very frustrating, as the human has to throw endless rocks, in an effort to dislodge the ball that is now firmly lodged in a net of twisted roots, hanging from the cliff-edge. Meanwhile the dogs are desperately searching for said ball, occasionally glancing suspiciously at the human, who in the past has been known to pretend to throw the ball, while secretly hiding it somewhere on her person.   

At long last (after 20 frikkin' minutes), the ball is freed from its rooty nest.

And Wendy gets into position for a return to Step. 1.


  1. Love the game you have with Trey and Windy. They are so smart and so cute. Lots of pleasure for you with the dogs.

    1. They make me smile. They're great fun.

  2. Oh my goodness! What creative dogs you have! This is really cool!

    1. They do it at home on the outside stairs too. I stand at the bottom and they drop the ball down to me, and I toss it back up ... I'm well trained.

  3. That sounds like one or two steps away from the elusive perpetual motion machine.

    1. Pretty much until they drop from exhaustion, or the tide comes in ...


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