Sunday, October 6, 2013

Saskatchewan snippits ...

The train doesn't stop here any more,
and the family farm stands empty.
Abandoned cars on a long-gone road.
Inside an abandoned grain elevator.  It's not a clock.
On the open prairie you can see, and smell, a grass fire from many many, miles away.
Old -style building front.
Inside an old-timey school fire escape.

Bottle cap decorations.
Man-made, Mount Blackstrap was created in 1970 for the Canada Winter Games.
Yes, this is what passes for a "mountain" in Saskatchewan.  What's more, it can be seen from 20 miles away !
Impressively big and heavy, Moose print.  
Big sky, golden sunset.



  1. That sunset could turn an atheist.

  2. Sybil., these are so good. I hope that you have more to post. I've enjoyed seeing these photos so much. Everything is so vast, remote, desolate - but also very beautiful.

    1. I loved the openness. The sky is so very BIG there. Big and beautiful.

  3. I have never seen a prairie before but I do hope I will someday. The last picture is spectacular!

    1. I sat and watched that glorious sunset and felt so fortunate to be there. Thanks Barbara.

  4. The feeling of the long lonesome prairie comes through these pics... That sunset pic, like everyone else said, is the coolest.


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