Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Identical Twin Cousins

For a trip down memory lane click here "The Patty Duke Show"  which was a popular TV program in the mid-60's , about "identical cousins"  and the mischief they got into.  

Who knew that there could really be "identical cousins" in real life !

Though I have quite a few cousins, my cousin Carol and I have a special bond.  We share a zany sense of humour, and a refusal not just to grow old, but to grow UP.  What's more, we look alike.  Case in point, while travelling around Saskatchewan with Carol's sister Barb, we dropped into a small-town restaurant where I was promptly mistaken for Carol who had been there recently. 

Thanks to the advent of the inter-web, though we live several provinces apart, Carol and I have developed a much closer relationship over the last few years.

Carol puts her nose to the grindstone.
At some point in our e-correspondences we started signing our messages, "Identical (Twin) Cousin", which due to shared laziness, we shortened to "ITC"   

Still, we had to differentiate our sign-offs.  Carol became "ITC-1" and I become "ITC-too", because "two" was far too obvious.

Carol, reflected in the mirror.
I'd been planning my Saskatoon trip with Carol for several months, when the issue of getting  tattoos while I was in town came up.  Was Carol interested ?   Was she ?   HELL YEAH !   As a graphic artist she even designed them.

So, on a drizzly Wednesday morning we went to "Half Evil - 333" tattoo parlour to get 'er done.

Carol went first.

She was cool as a cucumber while hers was getting done: while during my turn I sat with a carefully fixed smile with white-knuckled hands clenched tightly on my lap.

Afterward, we were directed to soak the "tatts" -- that's what us hip young folk call 'em -- for a bit and then oil them when they needed it.

Soaking in the tub.
And so ... the big reveal ...

Carol on the left, and me on the right. 
Waddayathink ?

Still, they're cousins,
Identical cousins and you'll find, 
They laugh alike, they walk alike, 
At times they even talk alike -- 

You can lose your mind, 
When cousins are two of a kind.


  1. Nice post, too! I firmly believe the adage that growing older is mandatory, growing up is optional! Here's to fun and frivolity! Long may they reign. Miss you, too.

    1. And I failed to mention that you footed the bill for our "tatts".

      Miss you, 1.

      Love, Too.

  2. You two ITC's certainly seem to get along and have fun together. Well done!

  3. Sybil you are now hip and cool. Loved the pics and your narrative. You are so lucky to be close to your cousin who is your dear friend as well.

  4. Wow, tattoos! I've had a fascination with tattoos but am terrified at the thought of getting one.

    1. I've got a few tattoos. Got my first one when I turned 50. It was a teeny, tiny maple leaf on my shoulder. Then I got paw prints that disappear up my leg and I also have a large maple leaf on the outside of my right ankle. And now I have my new "tatt" on the inside of that same ankle. I won't lie -- they do hurt --but not so bad that you want to cry or anything. I'm really happy with mine.

  5. Yep, you're both zany! I am such a terrible wimp that I don't think I will ever, ever, ever get a tattoo. (However, shouldn't say that because you know what happens when you say never, ever, ever.) My friend in California has tats all over her body. I love it that you've vowed to be like Peter Pan, you and your cousin twin.

    1. Kathy, I always expected to grow up but it just didn't happen. Or rather I kept expecting to "feel" grown up. I've always felt like I'm faking it and for a long time was worried someone would realize that I was faking it. Now I'm OK with it.

      Already planning my next tatt !


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