Monday, April 28, 2014

Where the uck-fay is Spring ?

It's April 28 and I'm feeling sorry for myself.

I'm sorry that Spring really hasn't arrived yet, and sorry that I seem to be succumbing to the nasty flu that is going around.  My flu variation involves too much sleeping, foggy head, achy body parts, boredom and a couple of stir-crazy dogs.

To cheer myself I thought I would go through some older Springtime images from Aprils past and post them here.   HOWEVER, rather than cheering me, that just made me feel worse !   What I found was that this year's plant growth is two weeks behind last year's !  The forecast still is not presenting a lot to live for.  One nice day followed by many drizzly, cold, windy days.  

So instead, I'm going to show you what else I found in April 2013's photo folder -- Kittens !!!  Kittens are a sure fire cure for whatever ails you, and since they're now over a year old, this post also serves to show how "the girls" have grown.

Charlotte & Clara

I adopted Charlotte and Clara a year ago.  It was a foolish and impulsive decision.  As "rescued", abandoned kittens they needed a home.  "I have a home" I thought without really thinking.  So I brought two kittens into a home that already had two cats and three dogs !

Roswell checks out newly arrived Charlotte

Wendy and Trey being intimidated by a scary kitteh !

Roswell is a pretty casual baby sitter.
Boxed and ready to go.

Some cats are easier to box than others.

Bookends kittens keeping Roswell warm.

We're starting to call them "The Girls" rather than "The Kittens" .

Sigh ...

Clara !
Charlotte, Sooki, Wendy and Trey

Two questions:

How did I get to this age without learning how to control such impulses ? 


Can I change ?


  1. I am quite sure you weren't feeling like laughing when you wrote this post but I laughed when I read it. My first chuckle came with the title. I am sitting here with the same 6C temperature in the cold, pouring down rain. That is 6 measly degrees away from freezing so the title was highly appropriate to how we are all feeling here in Nova Scotia (and I would suspect much of Atlantic Canada since many places had snow in the last week). My second smile came with the photos! Excellent photos. I especially loved the one of the dogs sitting on the steps with that fierce kitty holding them hostage. I hope you feel better real soon. Surely May will bring warmth and new hope! It is just a breath away.

    1. Thanks so much. I can't wait for the nicer weather. And now my hebs all stubbed ub.

  2. Don't change. You are a wonderful person just the way you are. The pictures of the kittens/cats are great. I'm with you and the flu feelings while we wait for spring. Is it ever going to get here. My body is sore all over from the cold an dampness. I love NS but.....

    1. I hear ya Bonnie, I hear ya. All this sleeping is exhausting ... and so boring.

      I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Three dogs and four cats! What a house full of love, and warmth from the added body heat. Maybe you needed them to keep you warm and get you through the brutal winter. Your impulses come from your compassionate heart and kind soul so I hope you won't change those parts of you!

    I love Roswell's casual babysitting style. I remember the picture of Wendy and Trey being intimidated by the scary kitten - it's still priceless. These pictures brightened up my day - thanks for sharing!

    1. And those kittens are still terrorizing the dogs ! They whack at them when they walk by and bite their tails !!

      I've watched Trey snarl and show his teeth when a cat walks over him when he's napping. He makes a big show of being pissed off and when they ignore him he just "sighs" and lies back down ... Bless him.

  4. LOL, what a great post! You are right, kittens are great for the blues. They can certainly be little terrors as well. As a household of 2 dogs and 1 cat, I am much better at controlling those impulses these days: my daughter really tried to get me to take on a kitten her boyfriend's family rescued but I stood my ground! Your photos are fun and cheerful and I hope spring does make its belated arrival. Still waiting for "real" spring temps here too. By the way, thought of you last night while I was watching the Red Sox game - there was an advertisement at Fenway for "Visit Nova Scotia"!

  5. Good for you Karma.

    If ever you do visit Nova Scotia, I'd love to show you a few of my favourite spots.

  6. Please don't ever change Sybil, the world needs more caring people just like you. I'm crazy about cats and would have so many more, if it wasn't for my family, who think that two cats are plenty. Your home must be a very happy place, filled with love. ~~ Joanne :)

    1. Oh Joanne, you are very kind, but in the end it is going to be the veterinary bills that make the decision for this senior.

      But you are right. They give me far more than I give them.


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