Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Clearly I've become spoiled.

How many places have I explored in Nova Scotia and come away not having my high expectations met ?   I'm used to constantly being delighted and surprised by stunning scenery, so I guess it was inevitable I would finally go some where that let me down.

The days was sunny and hot when I met up with Sara and Kelly in Chester to catch the 10:30 am ferry to Big Tancook Island.  The 50 minute ferry ride cost $7 (return).  Before the boat left we were entertained to watch various pieces of cargo being loaded onto the open back deck.

Once everything was loaded we were allowed onto the upper deck and soon were underway.

I was a tad worried that one of the dogs might be sea sick or anxious about being on a rocking boat but they were marvellous.  I laid my denim jacket down on the deck and asked them to lie down and that's how they spent the trip.

Their good behaviour did not go unnoticed.

Once on the island we were given maps and a brief low down on what's where, and we set off.  We walked up the hill from the wharf,

where we saw this rather baffling sign.

I wanted to ask how much the "Free" bike rentals were.

We chose a direction and set off along the dusty road.  

We stopped to explore a cemetery.

A sad marker for a three-day old child.
"Rest for the little sleeper"
I'm fascinated by the iconography displayed on headstones and how the symbolism has changed through the years.  I haven't been able to find out what the "2 1/2" means.  

I expected to see quaint, brightly painted homes on our walk.  Instead we saw untended fields, front yards laden with rusting abandoned cars and many abandoned homes.  There was a bleak feeling to the walk.

Abandoned cars lined the route.
It would appear even God has left the island ...

The abandoned manse next to the church
Sara taking a photo through the front window.
The walk across the island was under 2 km.  

Our goal was a cove that proved to be crowded, noisy and weed-covered so we continued on the road and found a spot where the dogs could run off-leash and cool off in the ocean.

A fog bank clouded the horizon far out at sea.

The road came to an abrupt end facing this scenic spot.  It was getting late and we had to walk back along the same route to find somewhere to eat before we caught the 4:30 ferry home.  Miss the ferry and you're stuck overnight on the island !

After slogging it back to "town" we sought out photo opportunities while looking for somewhere to eat.

Kelly taking a shot of the most colourful house on the island.  
"I must be a mermaid, I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living"
Wendy and Sooki humour me and pose for yet another picture.
I got snapped taking the above snap
We snagged a stranger to take our photo before we had a very late lunch and caught the 4:30 ferry back to Chester.

Me, Sara and Kelly with a couple of fed up dogs.
All-in-all it was a good outing with friends.  Like I said.  Clearly I've become spoiled.   


  1. I've never been to Tancook, but I had a picture of it in my mind. It is not what I expected either. That is a great shot of the dogs. At least you had a good time spent with friends. That makes it all worthwhile.

    1. It sure does Bonnie. I DID have a good day. The ferry ride was lovely. I sure wouldn't want to do it in February though.

      I take waaay too many photos of the dogs but cannot resist always taking "just one more" ...

  2. The abandoned church and the manse made me think of that line from Don Maclean's song American Pie -- "The Father, Son and Holy Ghost / they caught the last train for the coast"

    1. They must have headed for the WEST coast Debra. lol

  3. I went with Mom (Barb Hulcoop) and my friend Elizabeth Haggart. We visited Susan Clark who now lives on the island and in Ottawa since she retired from Trent. We had a marvelous time but had the benefit of having resident tour guides.


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