Monday, September 4, 2017

Two different post titles.

I thought I might title this post "What's in the poop bag?".

But I also wanted to title it "The slowest walk ever".   

I thought either title would grab the reader and arouse their curiosity.

Did it work ?

Today I took the dogs to the Powder Mill Lake Trails just off Rocky Lake Road.  We took the right hand trail; the narrowest and shortest of the trails.  It ends at another trail and then I thought we'd loop back to where we started.

We trotted along for about five minutes until I spotted Blackberries.

Blackberries !

The trouble was I wasn't the only one who spotted the berries.

So, we'd walk ten feet and then Sooki or I would spot a loaded bush and start in on it.  She just picked and ate while I picked and put a poop bag to a new and far less stinky use. 

On the next trail we stumbled across some other berries.  OK.  Don't be alarmed but I'm not sure what kind of berries they were but Sooki and I ate loads and aren't yet doubled over in pain so I'm guessing they were safe to eat.  This is what they looked like.

Sooki quickly discovered that they were delish and pushed her way into the bush and started munching away.  

Wendy's tactic is a bit different.   

Wendy stands there.  She looks meaningfully at the bush and then at me.  The bush.  Then me.   "Take the berries from the bush and put them in mouth you silly human !" she brilliantly conveys to be with her pointed looks.    And that's what I do.  I can be trained.

Then guess what we found ?   Blueberries !   

And I was just reaching down to pick some of the biggest, juiciest Blueberries when  ...

Well I think you now understand why I had a very slow walk and a very full poop bag, but rest assured, I'm not complaining.

It was delicious.


  1. did you find out what the mystery berries are?

    1. Not for sure but I'm not doubled over in pain so I think they're ok. lol

  2. My goodness, Sooki is like a little vacuum-cleaner hoovering up those berries! Leave some for Mom, Sooki!!

    Well done on collecting a bag full, Sybil. You clearly had to work quickly. :-)

  3. I wonder if your mystery berries might be choke cherries. I've been finding some raspberries and blackberries on my walks around here, but not as many as you found! Wild berries are so yummy :-)

    1. they did kinda resemble them but there were no laden bunches. Just tiny clusters of two or three. They were delish. Actually I'm still eating them.

  4. You snooze you lose human!

  5. Nothing like berries fresh off the bush! We went blackberry picking in the woods behind Tim's cousin's house in New Hampshire a few weeks ago. Ate more of them than we put in the basket... Sooki knows a good thing when she sees it! :)


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