Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Surf's up !

Growing up in Toronto, traffic noise was a constant presence. The din of the Bayview Extension and the Don Valley Parkway carrying thousands of cars, roared like the sound of a distant giant waterfall. Morning or night, the roar was always there.

I noticed this morning a similar sound when I stepped out my front door. There was a split second thought of "traffic?" which my brain answered with "no - waves". I could hear the distant roar of waves.

Lately we've had some pretty windy weather. Yesterday we had wind gusts of up to 100 kph ! Those winds combined with a high tide produce a "storm surge". Water levels that are higher than normal.

This is what the waters around the Cove usually look like.

But today was unusual.

Very, very unusual.

Today were surfers at Fisherman's Cove ! 

People who have lived in the Passage all their lives have never seen waves like this in this location.  Word spread about the waves and crowds gathered.  People parked along the shore road to watch the waves.  Surfers stood by open car doors, pulling on wet suits and phoning their friends to come join them.

Click on the above photo and see how many surfers you can find.  Check the background carefully.

The pictures aren't that great as we were looking directly into the sun.   However, I forgive the sun for ruining my shots, as it was delightfully warm.  Amazingly warm for mid-Decemer.   

My nearby friend, Amy-Lynn also marvelled at today's waves.  Her post for today called "Wicked Waves" can be seen on her Blog here:  http://flandrumhill.wordpress.com/

Thanks to high tides, low tides, waves, surges, wind and rain, the ocean views are different every day here in "The Passage".  

Come visit.  Check it out for yourself.


  1. I love hearing that roar! Even though you know what it is, it still sounds beckoning and mysterious.

    Your image of a typical day at the cove seems so tame compared to the photos you captured today. What a crazy place this is!

    Thank you for posting toi:)

  2. Along with the sound of the waves we also had an overwhelming scent of ocean on our doorstep. That was the first of many times yesterday when I thought, "... we are so lucky to live here..." :) ~Remi

  3. Remi, you are so right.

    As a dog, I am sure that you can smell so many wonderful things that we two-leggers miss.

    I appreciate your feedback.


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