Thursday, April 7, 2011

In which Amy-Lynn and I get lost in the woods.

I must write this while all the awful details are still fresh in my feverish mind.

Amy-Lynn and I went for a walk in the woods today.  I like walking with Amy-Lynn as she doesn't think me silly for loving fungus and lichen and moss.  In fact she not only shares my love of nature, she is my Obi-Wan, and I, her delighted pupil.  A-L know tons of neat stuff about nature.

Who pooped here ?   She knows.

Who chewed these trees ?  She knows.

Which way is out ?  She ... ummmm ... errrrrr ... thinks it's this way...

 ... or is it this way ?

And so what would have been a post about pretty forest things, bubbling brooks, feathery moss and porcupine chewed trees is not

-- instead it is a post about getting lost in the woods.

We didn't start out lost.  Well I guess no one ever does.  We just ambled.   "Oh look at that".  "Let's go see that."  "Come look at this."   

And got lost.

When the realization that we were lost finally dawned on us, we laughed and joked about it.  Being intrepid woodsy-sorta gals we knew we'd be fine, even though it had been almost half an hour since we'd had our granola bars and juice drinks.  Bravely we'd try to stave off  hunger and thirst and hang on as long as we could.

Cleverly, I demonstrated my full knowledge of what-to-do-when-lost-in-the-woods, to Amy-Lynn.

I hug a tree.  The tree and I  felt a bit awkward so I had to let go.
Stalwart souls that we are -- we forged on.

Beyond the pretty moss covered tree, things started to look a tad more tangled.  

Close up we realized that that was a bit of an understatement.   It was an impenetrable wall of fallen trees.

We decided that if we couldn't go around or through -- we'd go over.  That worked well, until 20 seconds into it, the log Amy-Lynn was walking on broke, and she barely escaped with her life.  OK, an exaggeration -- she barely escaped with a few cuts and scrapes.  OK. OK.  She was fine.  We just decided to walk along a different tree.

What had started out as a two-hour walk in the woods was starting to feel like Gilligan's famous "three hour tour".

Would we make it out before nightfall ?

Were we headed in the right direction ?

Would Sybil have to use her cell phone to call for rescue ?

Oh. Didn't I mention that I had my cell phone with me the whole time ?

But who wants to call home to ask to be rescued from the woods ?   I mean -- how embarrassing !

When we finally got past the tangle of fallen trees, several hours after we'd set out, we arrived triumphantly at the children's playground just two doors down from Amy-Lynn's house.

We'd kept our heads.

We'd had an adventure.

And we'd learned not to go into the woods without a compass or a GPS.

Note:  Amy-Lynn (Flandrum Hill)  version of the day is a tad different in that she doesn't even mention that we got lost !  ;-)   You can check out her version here.


  1. Oh my god, what Amazonian women you are! What's it like having a near death experience, knowing that hungry bears were waiting just around the next corner?
    Who would have believed that those two women I shared a coffee and donuts with in Tim Hortons would command such respect as adventurers in the outback. Go girls, your my heros!!!
    Fellow Amazon and Midwife, Lynne xx

  2. I love the Eastern Passage, it is one of my favourite areas of this beautiful province. I live out in the boonies close to the Noel Shore.
    enjoy your walks you intrepid ladies! I am a bit jealous, not having a friend to wander the woods except for my silly young faithful English Setter Mirza.
    walk in beauty.

  3. The nice thing about living near a large body of water is that it's possible to follow the sun in that direction and eventually come out on the shore. I comfort myself that Lake Michigan is a hard thing to lose. On the other hand, I have been known to be misplaced in the swamp for somewhat longer than I would prefer, and cellphones are a waste of time in that particular patch. My that's a pretty brook. I think I'll just go look at that for awhile, shall I?

  4. Lynne, Check out Amy-Lynn's post and you'll see she doesn't even mention the getting lost part. As we both know, I can be overly dramatic. ;-)

    crowingcrone, I am so lucky as I found Amy-Lynn before I even moved here, via her blog. It's wonderful having a chum who doesn't think you're weird bringing a hand lens into the woods and standing up against trees staring at fungus through it. Glad you've got Mirza to share your walks ...

  5. torchlake - Happily my cell phone would work there ...

    Feel free to set a while next to the water. It's very restful there ... warm out of the wind. Sunny. Quiet. No bugs yet.

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh. I'll come join you.

  6. Oh, intrepid wanderers...glad the coyotes didn't get you. Or the eastern cougar. Or worse, some errant politicians that made a wrong turn and ended up out there too. :-)

  7. You have a wonderful sense of humour: "Gilligan's three hour tour" indeed! :) I very much enjoyed your version of the day. I'm sure you both kept high spirits.

  8. Jody, I'm not too worried about cougars but coyotes are in the area. My plan is to talk it to death if I run across one.

    Cindy, we did do a lot of laughing ... bet if it had been raining and cold we wouldn't have been so darn jolly ...

  9. I thought I had commented on this. Perhaps I was censored by blogspot!

    It was a very fun hike despite the temporary loss in direction ;) Next time we'll have to bring bread crumbs to leave a trail behind us.


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