Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Scott's photo challenge.

Last month I took part in a fellow blogger's idioms in nature photo-challenge.  I found the experience fun and, well, challenging.  I'm hooked.

Scott Thomas over at View Infinitum has presented us with the latest challenge, asking that we post at least three of our best photographs from the past year.

Hmmmmm.   Let's see.  There are 3,634 photos in my picture folder.   Now to eliminate any images older than a year.

Out of the remaining 2,000 odd  pictures I've chosen  my five "best" photographs .  It's one thing to not delete a photograph, or to even like a photograph, but to hold an image up and say, "This is my best", is not as easy as I thought it would be.

The dogs run toward me, on the sandy, wind-blown, beach.

I don't know how good this photo is, but I like the fact that the
reflected sky doesn't match the sky in the other direction.

At the beach, I became fascinated with the patterns the tide had made
in the sand.  There is a strange illusion of speed, although nothing in
the photo is moving.
Not sure about this picture.  It's a curved lead-paned
window from historic Port Royal.

Waiting for the subway at the George Street, subway station in Toronto,
I tried to capture the motion of a passing train.

The more I look at them the less sure I am about their "bestness".

Time to hit "publish post" and stop second-guessing my choices.


  1. That is what I meant about changing favourites.
    I like your choices with #3 as my favourite.

  2. I do love all of your photos. I'm not sure I could pick a favorite. Perhaps the second reflected sky photo. Looks like you are getting into the photo challenges now! (And you have some good ones to share.)

  3. Thanks Carsten and Kathy. Often my favourite photos aren't my best. They may be nice shots of pets or family. Good enough to keep but not "up there" with the best.

    With some trepidation and excitement, I await Scott's constructive comments regarding my choices.

  4. Beautiful, Sybs - you are a talented photographer.. love love love the subway shot.
    xo j.

  5. Wow. I was just flipping through the 1000 or so photos I took on my two vacations this year. Plus there are the 1000 or so photos of the dog...and other will be SO HARD to pick five favorites. You did a great job of picking five very different shots, one is just as fascinating as the next. But it's like choosing one child over another isn't it! I don't know how I'll narrow it down...but you have inspired me to try!

  6. Fab pics Sybs! Love the doggies rushing up the beach. You're goooood!

  7. Amazing photos, one and all, Sybil! The windswept beach with the dogs running, and the George St. subway are my favourites at this moment.

  8. Sybil, these are awesome, especially the one of the glass building (it's in Dartmouth right?) reflecting the different sky.

  9. I like your five for all different reasons. The windblown beach and subway show lots of movement--good capture. I do like the building which reflects a less ominous sky!

  10. Thanks everyone for your kind comments.

    It IS hard to choose. "Bests" aren't necessarily, favourites ...

    The subway shot surprised me, as the George Street sign on the distant wall is visible through the moving cars ... I liked that, if I do say so myself :-)

  11. All good, but I think the shot with the cloud reflections is especially striking. It looks like two different days altogether!

  12. Your pictures are amazing!I like them all.

  13. Thank you photoaspire and giid for stopping by.

  14. Fun pictures Sybil. I love the dogs on the beach (I suppose no surprise there since I, too, am a dog owner and beach-lover!) The reflection of the blue sky shot is pretty neat too!

  15. I am impressed with your unique style--well-done, Sybil. Isn't it funny how everyday things can have ?so much beauty

  16. My favorite is the fist image, and the second is very fascinating to me.

  17. Sybil, I like your photos here! My favorites are the second and third, they show that you have a fine eye for catching details creating nice abstracts.


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