Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dear Scott, Hellllp !!

Scott Thomas of "Views Infinitum", has a contest regarding The Rule of Thirds, in photography.  You'd  better go check his Blog for an explanation. Otherwise my scintillating post, won't make much sense.

It's OK.  I'll wait while you're gone.  Off you go.

Back already ?  

Later you might want to check out a couple of other Blogger's entries done by Truel and  Karma.  Don't look at theirs before mine, it's too depressing.

When I was young, my dad took taught me how to "see" and compose photographs using an old Zenit SLR.  Long  before the time of digital images, when all photos were printed, he taught me to throw out the bad ones. He told me that if you got two or three good shots off a roll of 36 you were doing well.  Now we get to delete photos right on the camera or on the computer and "iffy" shots can be changed by cropping or changing the brightness.  I am sure with fancier programmes, much more is possible.  These changes greatly increase our chances of producing good photographs.

I understand what Scott is saying about the "rule of thirds".  Just not sure if I grasp it well enough to correctly apply it.  I crop images just by "feel" and am not always sure why I'm doing what I'm doing.

I chose three images and cropped them to try to make them better.  You know you need help when you prefer the "before" shot.

Comments, suggestions, feedback,  gratefully accepted.



I darkened the "after" and vaguely see it as being in three sections.  But now I look at them, I think I may prefer the "before".  Oh, oh.


I do like the above shot.  It seems a bit off-kilter, I wonder if more of the right side should be cropped off.  Let's give it a shot ...


Damn.  I'm still not sure.  Once cropped, the circle part got bigger, and I'm not sure if I like that. What do you think ?



Sorry I cropped #3.  Don't think I like it as much now.



  1. Sybs; I think you already have a feel for the Rule of Thirds before you even cropped your photos. I much prefer all your before shots. However, in the first I might have given more to the lower portion rather than cropping so the sideways "v" is centered. Just my humble opinion.

  2. I'm the wrong person to ask. I was reading critiques of cropping on other blogs and thought--what ARE they talking about? I don't think I think this way. Even though it's a good rule to consider, I like to "feel" what the heart thinks about the photo and then go with that.

  3. I agree with the above. :) I think the Rule of Thirds is to break the monotony of putting everything in the middle and making your capture a little bit different than most... more interesting... a different perspective. At the same time, some rules are made to be broken... depends what the shot is :) You have amazing shots, and a fantastic creative eye. I know I look pretty darn handsome in all the shots you've taken of me. ~Remi

  4. Thanks guys. I guess the lesson is just to trust my "eye". When I start to think about it too much -- I mess 'em up. I like all my "befores" too. ;-)

  5. I just don't like 'rules', Your intuition is far more interesting. Forget it Sybil, your pics are great the way they are, Vicky xxx

  6. Sybil - you are too kind to me, and too hard on yourself! The "rule" of thirds should really be called the "suggestion" of thirds. I think the idea to get some subjects out of the smack-dab center of a shot is a good one, but it isn't a hard-and-fast, works every time sort of thing. Your gut is often just as smart when it comes to setting up a shot! :-)

  7. Jan. 26

    Just rea Views Infinitum. See, I told you you knew what you were doing. Your "gut" instinct and eye (left or right) were better than you thought.

    Keep up the good shots, cuz.!


  8. I've always been impressed with your photos and how you manage to capture the perfect image to illustrate the story.

    I also think the before shots are better but I don't know anything about the rule of thirds.

  9. I surrender ! I'm gonna stop over-thinking my photos.

    Scott's got neat stuff to teach me, but I need to not sweat about following rules.

  10. Sometimes instinct rules. I love the image of the roof with the hole in it...the first image. The first pair...I can't decide. I think I like your original best. The one with the box...I think I like the cropped image best. I think cropping is fun to play with...try pushing the margines one way or another and just keep looking at the image in different ways. Sometimes it helps to sort of squint when you look, or glance quickly at the image and then away. But what am I saying? None of my photos are as devine as yours.

    Got here via Charles of MBI, btw. I like the premise of your blog...heck I like the premise of your life!

  11. Thanks for stopping by Linda,
    I'm gonna have to learn to accept my instincts, as when I over-think it, I seem to lose my way.

    I like your suggestions about pushing the margins and squinting ...

    Thank you for your kind comments. I'm off to check out YOUR Blog ...


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