Sunday, August 5, 2012

The end of the earth.

Karma, over at Karma's When I feel Like It Blog has an interesting challenge this month.
Her inspiration came from another blogger who had posted a shot from Point Pelee, Ontario and described it as looking like "The End of the Earth".  So her challenge is for us is to ..." Show me the place that is “the end of the earth” for you ... "
Rather than picking a specific place, I picked an atmospheric phenomenon, to wit, fog.

In the fog the edges of the world become fuzzy.  
It could be the end of the earth, because the visible world appears to peter out.
In the fog, an ordinary trip can become "a magical mystery tour"
as you must trust that the bridge you are on does not really drop off into space. 
In the fog, a simple dock becomes an ephemeral thing, as it fades away in the distance.
Things drift in an out of sight.
Because of fog, wherever you are, can appear to be the end of the earth. 


  1. Cool idea and neat way to approach the photo hunt! I normally don't look at other folks' photo hunts until I've completed mine, so I was surprised to pop over here and see this this morning! Don't forget to leave a link to this post in the comments section of my post so that I remember to include you when I write my "wrap up" at the end of the month.

  2. Interesting how the ends of the earth can look like the beginnings of whatever might be next.

  3. These are lovely and isn't it the truth about the mystery of fog. See you soon Sybil!!!

  4. These are lovely and isn't it the truth about the mystery of fog. See you soon Sybil!!!

  5. I meant to sign this as me, Flora!!! GDI technology is failing me! lol.
    PS love the entry about the pride parade. Amazing that attitudes CAN be changed in 25 years with the persistance of good people.

  6. The end of the earth is very beautiful, Sybil. Standing at the edge with you...

  7. I love fog and I think it's the perfect representation of the theme. Fog is mystery indeed, prompting exploration by the teasing glimpses of what lies ahead.

  8. It reminds me of a horror Always love your pics and praises Syb!

  9. Your fog bound pix are hauntingly beautiful Sybil.

    When I was i Spain I went to Finisterre which was believed to be the End of the known world in the Middle Ages. It was very powerful to sit on those rocks at the lighthouse and think that they believed you'd fall of the world over there in the distance... I've posted a couple of photos from it.

  10. Nice photos! So true that fog and clouds are extremely helpful in defining the end of the world.

  11. Love your end of the world, Sybil. The second picture is one I would have loved to take and experience this strange feeling. Congratulations!

  12. Oh my I do get frustrated that Blogger will not let me reply individually to comments. On the other hand it doesn't have the ads you see on WordPress ... yet.

    Vet Voyeur, I really was at a loss as to how to depict the end of the earth till I saw one of the fog shots.

    Exactly Gerry. Is it the beginning or the end.

    Thanks Flora.

    I really love fog Cindy. It makes the things that seem ordinary appear magical.

    Dearrosie, and I loved those photos you posted. I'd love to do that wonderful walk you did.

    Thanks Elf. Glad you liked 'em.

    Isa -- thanks. Do you not get a much fog where you live ? It is very frequent here near the ocean.

  13. Blogger does allow responding to individual posts, but it may depend on how you have your comments set up. In your Settings page, under Posts and comments, try selecting Comment Location of Embedded instead of Popup Window and see whether that fixes it. Help says "Embedded will allow users to reply from the post, Full page and Popup window will take them to a new page." That's what my blog is set to, and I can reply to individual comments.

    1. As you can see Elf, I have followed your marvellous instructions and "Bob's your uncle" ! Thanks.

  14. Very nice! Love your take on the "end of the earth".

  15. These are wonderful. Fog always seems like the "end of the earth" to me too. :)


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