Thursday, August 25, 2016

Another day another adventure .

After sharing  my latest blog post about the High Head trail hike to my Facebook timeline I heard from an old chum who said "any time you're over this way let's go for a hike".

"This way" turned out to be Kentville.  I checked the map for places I hadn't been that were near Kentville and hit on Baxter's Harbour which had a waterfall listed as a nearby feature.

The old chum, Sue, and I worked together in the early 70's in Ontario and hadn't seen each other since.  And yet here we were, forty years later agreeing to meet up at Baxter's Harbour for a hike.

Typical of Nova Scotia, the signage is awful.  There wasn't even a sign indicating the harbour's location.  Baxter's Harbour Road ended at this sign  I took at guess and turned right.

The road curves down a hill to a parking area that looks out on this view.  It was breath-takingly beautiful.

Glancing to my right I coul see the waterfall.  

I gather that in the spring the flow of water is so great that it arcs out from the cliff face and it's possible to walk behind it.  After the dry summer we've had I was amazed that there was any water at all coming down.

BTW did you notice how high up the cliff the algae is growing ?   Yep.   You don't want to be standing where Wendy is standing when high tide arrives.   As low tide was 11:15 a.m. we made sure we arrived by 10 a.m.  which gave us a few "safe" hours to explore the shore.

Several hours later as we were leaving, the rising tide had reached this boat and it was being piloted out into the bay.

I think these small "islands" are called "flower pots".   Well at least that's what I call 'em.  lol
Look at the rocks.  Lots of bubbles of lava turned into rock.

How's that for precarious?

We scrambled over boulders and along cobbles marvelling at the beauty that surrounded us.  Just a few miles from here Sue had stopped to ask locals for directions to the "Baxter's Harbour Falls"; they hadn't heard of it.  It's so sad that so few Nova Scotians know about the stunning scenery that lies on their doorstep.

A lil' Green Crab.

The spires of Cape Split in the distance.
Love this eroded ripply rock.

Me 'n Sue.
The tide is clearly rising behind us.  A good hint that it was time to go.


  1. Wow, what a cool spot! Now I want to go out and do more exploring!

    1. I want to drive down every single side road leading to the Fundy Shore ! lol

      Let's go !

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  3. Excellent reporting, Sybil! What a great day it was.

    1. Thanks Sue. I had a great day out with you. I want to go back and see this harbour and the falls in Winter.

  4. I was there for the first time in June with our photo club. There was a bit more water going over the falls a couple of months ago. Lovely photos Sybil!

    1. Thanks Sara. Are your photos with "more water" posted where I can oggle at them ? I want to go back and see it in Winter.

  5. Isn't it always nice to see old friends again? Looks like a lovely afternoon together.

  6. Endlessly beautiful scenery, Sybil! I always enjoy looking at your landscapes. The little green crab was kind of adorable. It's so good to catch up with old friends...

    1. Sadly Barbara those green crabs are invasive but I didn't have the heart to kill the darn thing.

      It is beautiful here.


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