Monday, April 2, 2018

Do you know the way to 44.73'32 -63.689.48 ?

As you know, I love wandering the many trails through the woods at Jack Lake.


I stop often to marvel at the different kinds of fungi and lichen.

Shattered tree trunks fascinate me.

I'm just becoming aware of the many plants that stay green year round.

But  there is something special in the woods that I have seen before and wanted to see again.  

The magical hidden house.    

I'd stumbled upon it in the past but wanted to be able to find it again ...
on purpose ...
 and not just by accident.

So, the last time I found it, I noted it's geographical location on my Geo Tracker.  

It's coordinates were: 44.73'32   -63.689.48.

Thinking myself the cleverest of girls, the next time I went exploring I turned on my Geo Tracker only to discover that I couldn't figure out how to get it to show me my current location using latitude and longitude nor how to reach the hidden house.  

It was like having a street address but no road map!

Hence the title for today's post.

I went back yesterday to search again for the hidden house.   I remembered seeing some orange ribbons on trees in the forest but they didn't lead directly to the mystery house.  I wandered in circles in the general area and when I was ready to give up I glimpsed it through the trees. 

Let's hope I can find it again, no thanks to a stupid piece of technology.


  1. I prefer paper maps to technology when it comes to finding something. Might be difficult to make a map to the hidden house! Looks like another lovely walk.

    1. I love paper maps but this was a time when I needed this technology. Even though it really didn't lead me back to the house it did lead me back to my car. lol

  2. Delightful and stunning photos...glad you found the "house" again.....reminds me of the abandoned sheep sheds in the forest beside our house. As a child I swept it out and spent many a long day over there with books, lemonade and saltine crackers....

    1. Oh those sound like wonderful memories ...

  3. A magical hidden house is MORE magical when not easily able to be found!

  4. The coordinates you posted seem to be in two different datum...the north one is in degrees, minutes ('), seconds (") but the west heading seems in decimal degrees....there are conversion tools on the web to help in those gps babel. Another thing to help you is if you can change your gps datum into UTMs...UTMs are easier to understand in the woods than degrees.....UTM headings are basically metres so you will know how many metres north/south or east/west you need to travel to get to your spot!

    1. Wow. Thanks. I just copied them off the phone but I may have expressed them incorrectly. Happily I did find it again.

  5. Figured it out...So the lat and longs were both in decimal should be 44.7332; -63.68948...a quick view of this location in google map shows the house to be 150m off the power line corridor

  6. Benoit, that sounds right as it's quite near the power line ... are you in Nova Scotia ?


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