Thursday, February 7, 2019

A brief walk on the shore ...

Today I introduced Dexter to my old stomping ground along the shore near Hartlen Point.  

The air had that wonderful salty, rotting seaweed scent that I remember.  I love that smell !

And look, there is Devil's Island with it's weathered old lighthouse.

I'd love to go back and collect this lobster trap 'cept like many of them it was weighed down with cement !  Amazing to think how far up the shore this heavy trap had been pushed by the waves.

I still wore my grippers and they proved helpful on small patches of ice I encountered and on the huge piles of seaweed.

Everywhere below my feet were different wonders to see.

Of particular interest to Sooki in the past has been the stems of kelp plants.

Dexter quickly discovered that they are particularly yummy.  He'd find pieces and then have to play "keep away" as Sooki tried to snatch it from him.


  1. there's not much better than a walk on the shore!

    1. I loved the scent of the air. Sadly we think Sooki ate too much seaweed and was sick last night AND today ! Sigh

  2. Replies
    1. Wished I'd had more time. I'll go back soon Debra.

  3. Replies
    1. I always thought when I moved to Nova Scotia that the air would always smelly salty (& fishy) but was surprised to find it rarely did ...

  4. What a lovely blogpost, Sybil! :-) Thank you for taking us on this beachwalk with you!

    1. Thanks Reggie. Just wish my beaches were as warm as yours ...


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